The Great Gatsby – Review

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I had decided to read one novel per month this year as referred in my post Reboot, Restart and Resume. Its 2017. For January I had picked the classic, “The Great Gatsby”. Here is what I take away from the Novel!


At times novels must be read to understand the heart and soul that author has put in, to bring those picture through words.  F. Scott Fitzgerald sets the plot with social history of America during 1920’s on the prosperous Long Islands. It’s the story which brings out the culture during the period and along with that goes the love story of Jay Gatsby.

For the Pleasure of Reading
For the first 50-60 pages of the book I was confused and wondering where the book was going.  Then later I could not drop it until I finished reading it. I got so much involved that I also saw the movie. Like said, the book is not just the plot. The writing style is very impressive and narration gives the warmth. The incidents reveal the truth at the right moment in time keeping the curiosity in the readers.

No wonder it is a classic and I feel, one should read such writings without having a thought of review/critique and only for the pleasure of reading. It is a book with many ‘Oh’ and ‘Wow’ moments. My gratitude and thanks to Rashmi from the blog Mind and Life Matters for suggesting this novel.

42 thoughts on “The Great Gatsby – Review

  1. I read the book just this past year, after having come across the ending of the movie and feeling curious. I have never been into classics, but felt I should diversify my reading habits and was thus, compelled to pick up this one. Couldn’t grasp it in its entirety and it did require a bit of research. Captivating storyline, though, when you do understand the subliminal messages. 🙂 All the best for continuing your reading challenge!

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  2. I liked this book when I read it many years ago. I have seen two film versions; one in the 1970’s with Robert Redford as Gatsby and the newer one with Leo Di Caprio. both were good in their way the newer one is more lavish and perhaps overwhelming.

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  3. I remember reading this in early childhood. It’s a great novel. If you get a chance, get the old black and white movie version and watch it come to life. I haven’t seen the modern version, yet. May I suggest another classic to read? “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.

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  4. glad you liked the book – it really grabs a lot of social norms for the upper class – while also touching upon humanity issues that we all share = no matter our social standing.
    I personally did not like the movie at all and I only like the book a little. Reading it was a bore – that was just me – but I LOVED when my teacher expounded on the story – the slap that the lady gets – and as he described the white collar attire and all that.
    and so to me – this book reminds me that sometimes good literature is more exciting when shared by a good storyteller. Fitzgerald is truly one… but I love how my teacher made it come alive with his twist.
    and your post about it was nice, PH – short and succinct – 🙂

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    • I could see that the book has a lot of take away and every individual might see it in a different perspective.

      I tried my best to travel back to 1920 and then read over the plot. I felt the amazing takeaways that novel has. Specially on the madness of love.

      I am happy to hear that about your teacher. 🙂 I had so many thoughts after completing the book that I decided to keep it short! 🙂

      Thank you so much for your thoughts.. 🙂

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