Today Calls Tomorrow: A Love Story


I Don’t want to say its yet another unique love story. I dont even want to say its different. But its definitely a love story!

Just like the ways I have loved writing every sentence of it, I only aspire you love reading each line of it. Like every other I had numerous inspirations. I show gratitude to them all and well, to myself too. After all, life is what we all witness and experience every day. Let’s get this started.

This day becomes today,

Every other a yesterday,

calling with love, a tomorrow!

Every today calls a better tomorrow. If we were happy today, we go with hopes for a happier tomorrow. If we were sad, we have a tomorrow where we stand stronger than today. between today and tomorrow, tailored is this simple love story. Or in short, pretty much to say, I just needed a title.


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** Index**

Zero: The Launch

One: Welcome Dreams

Two: The Magic of Pune

Three: Day 01 @ Office

Four: First Weekend Trip

Five: A Sunday Conversation

Six: The Birthday

Seven: Purvi, The Purvi

Eight: The Seat No. 15, 16 Journeys

Nine: The Whaattt??!!

Ten: The Love Matters

Eleven: The One Question

Twelve: The Good Old Shoes

Thirteen: Knowing Anwesha

Fourteen: The Seminar

Fifteen: A Step Closer to Anwesha

Sixteen: Anwesha in Pune

Seventeen: Aakash and Anwesha

Eighteen: The Love Affects and Effects

Nineteen: The Proposal

Twenty: The Five

Twenty One: The Waterpark

Twenty Two: Mumbai

Twenty Three: A Lazy Sunshine

Twenty Four: The Dreams

Twenty Five: The Turn

Twenty Six: To Manali

Twenty Seven: The Stranger

Twenty Eight: The Wow Moment

Twenty Nine: The Strange Stranger

Thirty: Know the One

Thirty One: The Cultural Evening

Thirty Two: The Slap

Thirty Three: Family Games

Thirty Four: The Temple

Thirty Five: The Rise of Surprise

Thirty Six: The Celebration

Thirty Seven: The Heart Beats

Thirty Eight: Food Fiesta

Thirty Nine: The Unusual Conversation

Forty: The Letter

Forty One: Sumit and Amit

Forty Two: The Dark Past

Forty Three: Sumit was Amit

Forty Four: Sumit as Amit

Forty Five: The Regrets

Forty Six: The MarriageΒ 

Forty Seven: The New Journey

Forty Eight: Officially Amit

Forty Nine: Happy Endings

Fifty: Acknowledgements


18 thoughts on “Today Calls Tomorrow: A Love Story

  1. Hey PH – I am going to try and read your novel in a couple of months – I have a list to get through first – but I look forward to it – and thanks again for the VB award dude – have a good day and congrats on your first novel!!

    Liked by 1 person

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