Forty Five: The Regrets

Poorna entered the room. She slapped Sumit as well and said, “You moved on Amit. I did not. You were my first love. I have cried and cried for nights. I could not say it to anyone. Not even to my sister. I only thing I did was to trust you. You ended it bad. You could have kept it real and saved the tears for me. All the information you gave was fake one. I searched and searched for you looking at all the accounts.”

Poorna started crying loudly. Anwesha was consoling her. Sumit was in his worst condition. Poorna then pointed her shoulders, showed and said, “Amit, see here! I had even got a tattoo on your name. I was deeply and madly in love. I did not know how stupid I was. I wanted to show you as a surprise at our first meet. I trusted you Amit. I went through that pain to get the tattoo the day before we were supposed to meet. I was blind. I was blind. I was stupid. Every day, till today I am scared if someone looks at that tattoo and asks what was it? What would I reply to the one whom I may get married in future?”


Sumit was over taken by guilt. He had never imagined that his mistake would grow so big and huge and put him in this worst condition. For him, then, it was not even a mistake.  But now it was standing like a huge grown tree! It looked like it’s too late to resolve with any kind of solution. He could never take back what had happened.

Anwesha looked at both of them and said,

“We are here for Purvi’s marriage. Let us not bring it down. You both have to promise me that you will forget everything and behave like complete strangers. Enjoy every moment and be happy for Purvi. Once we move out from here, you both make a call and resolve the issue. Talk it out and settle. I know it’s difficult but it’s not impossible. I have planned few surprises to Purvi and it can work well only if you both join me. ”

After a long silence, Anwesha took both of their hands and took their promise and they both agreed.


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4 thoughts on “Forty Five: The Regrets

  1. I so feel for Poorna!!
    To get a tattoo thinking she would meet & marry Amit & for him to just disappear…it is so very sad!
    Anwesha is a good friend…to both of them & to Purvi!
    Well written Prakash….

    Liked by 1 person

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