See you @ Class!


The classrooms should be so lucky.

It witnesses the lectures which put a few to sleep and a few to research. It brings out uncertainties as well some certainties. Few tardy entries to class and a few who are well ahead seated in before the bell. There go some unclear doubts which need argument and some discussion which look like they are never going to last part. Few sit to learn and few sit just because someone else is seated. There are also a few who don’t know why they are seated! There are student’s texting from mobile making a party plan and there are those who are building a text to make a new innovation like mobile. They are tired minds from late night studies and there are minds that would never get drained. There are professors who have worked all night for session delivery and there are students who have pulled out an all-nighter submitting assignments. There is friends meet up and at corner is someone whom you are eager to talk to. There is what and what not!

There is so much of energy in there! I just eavesdropped while class room saying “Walk-in null and walk-out full”. What are you up to?