This story is written for Six Word Stories: The Challenge, No. 3. The theme for the week is Murder.


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Love Emotions

Indian Bloggers

They start from heart,
Spread out as smile.
They start from heart,
Eye out as wink.

Love Emotions,
Are not meant to stay in!

They start from heart,
Make it beat faster.
They start from heart,
Build the desires stronger.

Love Emotions,
Are not meant to stay in!

They start from heart,
Turn cheeks red.
They start from heart,
Spread into arms.

Love Emotions,
Are meant to spread out!

They start from heart,
Connect the other.
They start from heart,
Make home for another.

Love Emotions,
Are meant to spread out!

No, Thank You.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No, Thank You.”

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

Ban the SMS lingo / slang elsewhere. I know I am not asking for one, but a whole set, but its definitely worth it. It’s okay for personal chats, but sure not for general usage.

1 wud def nt like readin smethin writn like dis. Isn’t it??

Night Follows The Day


Like wrong people can always be,
An inspiration to do the right,
From Gray to Black,
You will find the White!

A little comes with another little,
To show what is more.
Do not count the number,
For 99 is also a score!

Be not sad, if the day is slow!
Feel not bad, if you feel the low!
For Every “Today Calls a Better Tomorrow!”
That’s it.
There you smile!

The Then and Now

Little Adiv was new to the place. He used to peek out of his new home window to see the things around. He used to use a little four legged bench to stand on. It was his new favorite pass time doings.  Adiv was a little scared to step out and make new friends as it was a new place to him.

He used to enjoy the view where other kids used to rush home every evening from the school and in five minutes they all used to assemble in the ground. Then it was all the kids play party. They used to play like there is nothing else in the world that matters. There used to be screams, howls, laughs and more than everything, the happiness.  The play used to go on until the elders used to shriek at their kids to come back home and start their home work which usually used to happen a little later the sunset.

One day, after observing little Adiv peeking from the window many a times, the kids rushed to his home, conversed with his mother and took Adiv to the ground. They all introduced themselves to Adiv and in a moment the play started.  Adiv had got many new friends. He no more felt he was new to the place. There was joy, happiness, cheerfulness, fun and everything that made the childhood bright. He got friends who used to share the food, games, naughtiness, friendship bonds, promises, trust and above all, the ones who made and gave him thousands of memories.

Today, Adiv, in his late seventies, sitting on his arm chair, looking at the kids play, could recollect all the childhood memories. He had the little tears running down the cheeks.


Get the See


This post is written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers for the Week of August 04, 2015.  The task to write a short story of around 100-150 words for the given image.

Image Credits - Louise from “The Storyteller's Abode.”

Image Credits – Louise from “The Storyteller’s Abode.”

Varuni held the picture to the class of students and announced, caption or describe the picture in a line or two. After a minute silence, there were a few hands up.

The bigger ones are behind ” said one.

Stones at day and ghosts at night ” shouted another.

The eggs of the little birdie ” said the calm one.

Shadows to the exhausted ” said the one from last bench.

Moment’s peace, forever ” said the excited one.

Hide and seek, stay behind and take a peek ” said the one at the corner.

Arise from sky, Arise from earth, Aim to top ” said yet another one.

Varuni, could not believe her ears. She had never expected a class of physically disabled students would be so creative. She determined at that moment to do the guest lectures more often and publish a book of their thoughts.

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