4. The F in Life

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated” – Confucius

Remove the alphabet ‘L’ from LIFE. What do we get? Nonsense! Similar is the story with ‘I’ and ‘E’. But remove the alphabet ‘F’ from life. What we have is a lie. What is the “F” word then?

F as Force
F is the force to build on what we intend to do in life. If we want our life story to be a best seller, there is a need of ultimatum force in it. If am not the force, then we cannot derive the energy, we will just a unnoticed mass lying around. This force will come from various means. Life is journey about finding those foreseeable forces.

F as Fun
Postponing things for next time is not the option. If you cannot find a way this time, the same things will repeat next time as well. If something is to be enjoyed, it has to be this time. Things will never be the same, if not today, it will be never the same.

F as Find
If we are afraid, it’s about being brave. Like said by many experts, we only get opportunities. If we don’t see it, we got to see it. If we don’t get to see it, we need to look at it and then see it. ‘Find’ is the key. Well, there is no lock. So, the key fits in everywhere. The sooner the realization, the sooner we have found the medicine.

 F as Whatever
Well, it’s just a word play. Whatever, just live it. The LIFE. It’s about which of the F you are taking in. Fab, Fun, Force, Find, Fix, Feel, Feed or F***. You decide. Looks fun! Isn’t it?

 “My life is my message” – Mahatma Gandhi


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9 thoughts on “4. The F in Life

  1. Well, there is no lock. So, the key fits in everywhere.

    So true! Thanks for this post. Interesting take on the word “life” and “F”. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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