The Habitual Eye for I

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When I say ‘nothing’, it could mean there is ‘everything’ that is, but still ‘nothing’ or in fact there is actually ‘nothing’. 


 I, eye, I don’t believe in what I see, though I see it. It’s like you have paid attention to one hour speech and when you try to comprehend, you discover that there was nothing worth take way in it. What it leaves behind is you wondering how the presenter managed to speak for an hour with a zilch.

You see the four words below?
Eye, Yam, Ede, Yet

It’s not actually what you see. Read it fast repeatedly and you will realize what actually it means. Did you see? So why, when people say, ‘Seeing is believing’, I go brrruuuahhh!

I feel pity for those who endeavor for perfections. It is good to have them for petite deadline routines but life as perfection, Are you kidding? Life is gorgeous with imperfections. Life needs to welcome a lot of unexpected things and only an imperfect soul can find beauty in it. Life crazily varies from the line of perfection reaching under as well as over.  The message is to stop looking and visualizing for perfections. If routines become boring then one has to change the way to do them rather than finishing them in hurry.

passion, loyalty,
pull everything from inside,
pathway, to stand out.

My every dark circle enlightens a story. Here are some one liner suggestions to everyone. What you see, is exactly what it means, unlike a few cases.

Inside the Box
Thinking inside-the-box is the solution when everyone else is thinking out-of-the-box.

Terms and Conditions
Doing it our way is the uniqueness, for we all are created on our own terms and conditions.

Stand Out
Standing out is everything about pulling out everything from inside.

The Switch
The game is always on. We just need the right switch to be triggered.

Pebbles of Glow
After-all, the game is all about finding the pebbles of glow!


I have been doing a WordPress course  on ‘Shaping Your Story‘. This is as assignment for Week Three: Finding Your Key Moment. More details can be found HERE.


34 thoughts on “The Habitual Eye for I

  1. Yam Eye Yim Pressed? Mahn! Loved this quirky write up and I kept wondering what triggered you to write this! 😀 The first one, I always use. When everyone think out of the box, I just do the obvious 😛

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  2. Wow! This is nice. Life ends with perfection, for that’s the goal. Again perfection is very much about ones perception. Even here. That’s why life has nothing to with it. Loved your muse! ❤

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  3. It’s more of a LinkedIn post and that too an impressive one. I read it as I am an idiot and since i was thinking on the lines of argument, I read it as pebbles to throw (not glow) lol
    Sometimes when despite saying everything you want to and the other person says nothing
    You actually start looking for pebbles to throw
    Very catchy title and post indeed!!
    Have a great day ahead Prakash!!

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  4. Very inspiring message portrayed in a very unique way. Loved those one-liners: Think inside-the-box. There is always too much focus on outside-the-box, it was great to see that sometimes thinking inside-the-box could be the “right” thing to do as well 🙂

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