You Have reached right! Kudos.

Dear Reader,

Okay. i know you are in good mood today to listen to something really good. Let me share few quick incidents with you. They kind of seem intriguing and in-fact they are actually.

I remember my grandfather once saying,
“The day we look into mirror early morning and see our skull instead of our face, its our last day”.

But am seeing it from last 40 years. I see my skull in my first look. May be if i see my face, it will be my last day on earth.

My left hand small finger nail never grows.

At times i feel some one is biting it.

Sometimes I forget what I am writing!

 Whenever I feel like I have to scratch my back,

I don’t remember what happens next.

One day my son came and told me there is parents meet at school.

When i was driving to his school, i realized he was at his grandmother’s home for vacation. That’s when i realized i was working too much. But,

It was our wedding anniversary. I kissed my wife on forehead and came down stairs to get the cake.

She was standing  downstairs near refrigerator shouting, “Surprise!”


ghost pic


To my Knowledge, You probably know where to continue. I have shared one of my never forgettable experience of my life. Read between the lines and spaces. You will find a link taking to next episode.


P.S. If you still could not identify,
Here is where you can continue…


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