Seventeen: Aakash and Anwesha

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It was Saturday evening and both were sitting at Khadakwasala dam looking at water and waves.


Aakash felt happy that she had come alone. He asked her how she felt about Pune, her routines and other ten questions.

A little later, Anwesha looked at him with eye to eye contact and said,

Aakash, am here to say something. Ever since I saw you, you have been my inspiration. From the very beginning.

Your coding skills have encouraged me to work hard.

Only because you had given a seminar in other course, I agreed to give one.

Only because you were class representative in first year, I became one.

Only because you sat in last bench, I moved too.

Only because you volunteered I did too.

Only to see you I organized trips.

Only because you are good at writing, I started the literary club.

Only because your parents do a lot of charity, I started too.

Only because of you I changed and got back to your project team.

I got placed only because of you.

I have been seeing you since the day you were staring at me when I was crying after getting the horrible test marks.


God listened to my prayers. He moved me to Pune. You are my inspiration Aakash. You have made me look good. And she continued,

“I…. I… I…  Love you Aakash”

Aakash hugged her and…




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