Twenty Three: A Lazy Sunshine

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It was not easy to open the eyes. They had a tiring day the previous day. As soon as they reached they had headed back to rooms and they never knew when they got into bed. By the time they opened their eyes it was almost two in the afternoon. They just had lunch and went back to bed. Individually they all did the same at their own places. It was five in the evening and sunshine of sunset still looked lazy.

Sumit was on his bed listening to manali trance in his iPod. Aakash was on call with Anwesha. Well, that was expected. In the meanwhile as Mohit had stayed in Purvi’s room itself, they both were discussing about the future plans. They had created a group in whatsapp called “Friends and F”. Mohit texted in the group “Let’s meet at park, in an hour”

Now that was the reason to all to wake up get fresh and head to park. By evening 07 they were all there. They had tea and Mohit gave invitation card to everyone. Purvi said she would be quitting her job in a month for preparations. Both the families had already given a head start.

Aakash, Anwesha and Sumit were tears. They would definitely miss their friend. Life is crazy. Mentally crazy. Though it gives numerous reasons to party, it always comes with a miss. Sumit had tears and he could not stop himself. It was not going to be easy for him to give away Purvi. One can never explain how it feels to miss a friend, who is not only a friend, but more than that, but definitely less than someone whom you would commit with.

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7 thoughts on “Twenty Three: A Lazy Sunshine

  1. *sighs* I so-o relate to Sumit!!!!!!
    Back in 2013 I watched someone I cared about deeply leave my life & go with another woman…out of the blue. We were best friends & to have a man as a best friend was wonderful. I had to let Michael go & it was awful watching him walk out of my life with another person….
    It is never easy to have to ‘let go’……
    Great writing Prakash!

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      • Michael was a great friend. We shared a lot of spiritual beliefs together & loved Nature & we had similar health issues so we could give moral support. I used to like making him laugh; he was a serious sort…..
        He always would tease me because I am Hyperactive & go from one thing to another…he said I was like watching a Bumblebee, hahaha,,,,
        I have some lovely girlfriends & I treasure their friendship. Having a platonic male friend is different in subtle ways…
        Such is Life tho’; people move on….

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