A to Z Challenge 2021 – Theme Reveal

I can’t believe its already April of 2021! Last time I seriously blogged was in April of 2020. It’s been a year of lessons – good or whatever. But, Hey, It’s time for A to Z Challenge! This is my FIFTH year of A to Z challenge and looks like 8 line poem is definitely my thing! A to Z by far has helped me to learn and grow and this is one of the assignments that I take up seriously every single year. I have managed to compete the challenge successfully in the past 4 years. Here is my year wise theme from 2017:

2017: An idiom for an alphabet and 8 line poem to it.

2018: Emotions and expressions for life and 8 line poem to it.

2019: Words and phrases from foreign languages and 8 line poem to it.

2020: Metaphors from movies, idioms, celebrities, paintings, songs, etc and 8 line poem to it.

Here is my Theme for 2021

Around the World and 8 line poem for it

Well, I am excited! See you all from April 1.