1. What is Ageing? : Poem

What is Ageing?

Let me think some more, I don’t want to give up anymore

Though I am a little confused, this is what to am used

Restricting things I do a bit, however I feel am fit,

Wait, I was supposed to put something straight!

Oh My God, am Ageing!

I slow adapt to new things,

I want to be faster with new wings.

My skin is showing up a change,

I forget things and feel’s strange.

Oh My God, am Biologically Ageing!

I feel am looked differently,

And skipping functions eventually.

My wisdom is to be shared,

I truly need to be cared.

Oh My God, am Socially Ageing!

Am I really old?

Question shines like a glittering gold.

When wine gets better, not bad,

Why ageing makes me feel so sad?

Oh My God, am Psychologically Ageing!

But let me take all the grace,

Growing old is part of the race.

Ageing is not to give up life,

Still young at heart and every day is a surprise!

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25 thoughts on “1. What is Ageing? : Poem

  1. Me thinks you are a philosopher or a psychologist ….or both !!
    Came here through the Mundane Monday challenges and stayed around. I love the way you have set up your site…. easy to navigate and lots of interesting content.
    A technology professor you said ?? Technology of the human person … ?? 🙂

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    • wow! Your comment made my day. I am so much smiles. 🙂
      Thank you so much. Its actually research. It motivated me to write and i started loving it. Thus the blog started finding its contents. And the extreme support from all the bloggers. 🙂
      I will be there to visit your blog soon.. 🙂

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  2. How did I miss this poem Prakash???? It is wonderful. Now that I am 60 I can so relate to myself ‘Aging’. In my head I am still 18 or 19; my body tells another story tho’.
    Mind you I am honored to have lived this long; many of my generation did not make it out of the 70’s & 80’s. I am one of the lucky ones!
    Thank you for such a wonderful poem. When I am sad about aging I will come & read this & be cheered up once again 🙂
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen

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  3. A beautiful piece I must say!!
    Ageing makes one more wiser and yes we should be young at heart always!
    ‘Growing old is part of the race.

    Ageing is not to give up life,

    Still young at heart and every day is a surprise!’
    These lines of yours are beautiful .Love it 🙂
    Cheers!! Hope to see more splendid work of urs 🙂

    Kindly review my blog as well as I am very new (2days back)

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  4. Very nicely penned poem. Meaningful. Oldage is really a golden years when one has acquired what is to be acquired during life time. Furthermore, it has to come. Though our faculties do start functioning slowly yet one think sure is: we can make good this shortcoming by meditation and connectivity with our Creator.

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