Book of August

Guess who lived their July madly, crazily and wow-ly (is that a word?)? I had my July Resolutions and it did go pretty well. Other than 3 major research reviews and lots of reading for internship as planned, taking a 4 days road trip was a major highlight. I missed a few goals but no regrets what-so-ever. There is also something exciting new which I started that I absolutely don’t want to talk about. Let’s just say and agree that days have been amazing and rains complimented the most. Also, I don’t remember how many movies I watched in theatre. Well, its 1st of August and I am excited as never before. Why? you might ask. Here:

1. Complete the 31 days 31 movies challenge

2. Complete the internship document – 100 pages

3. Write and submit 8 research papers

4. Complete and make AGC publish ready. I believe Aug is the month! My heart tells me – it will turn into an soulful master-piece.

5. Complete 1 MOOC course on coursera

6. Read and complete 3 novels

7. Visit 4 places (One of it has to be marine drive, another – a day in writers cafĂ©)

8. Get a tattoo

9. Venture into something new and complete it successfully (already in my mind)

10. Live life more (Well, this is my high priority)

Running away for now. August has lot of promises to keep up to!