Dear Reader,

I will tell you how my friends tricked me. All of them: Sumit, Mohit, Purvi, Poorna and Anwesha. We have this annual plan of meetup in Goa every year, where we live time of our life.
P.S: You can read this episode Forty Nine: Happy Endings of #todaycallstomorrow if you just want to quickly recollect.

That night, the plan was to go for disco night at “titos”.  And I was insisting to stay back and play cards beside the pool. All five were against it as they all wanted to move their body for the rock songs. Each of them had dug out a reason and left me alone in the room. By night 12.30, everyone else was in titos and I was in room alone.

The night was weird. I pulled out a chair and sat outside. I could feel the cool chill air touching my ears. It was tickling. I could see someone at other floor passing around every now and then. It was 2 buildings across. The vision was not clear.  This is what I could see. Here, watch the video:

A little while later I waved my hand. The person there waved me back. A while later I ordered some food calling reception. The guy who came to deliver food exactly looked like the one I saw passing across the other floor. Weird, isn’t it?. He kept the food and quickly vanished. Well i am not sure to refer him as ‘him’ or ‘her’. He was weird.

Then I slept off. I woke up at sunrise. It was something six o clock and odd. I had no idea when my friends had returned and slept. I just came down the floor and the manager came running.

He said in hurry,

Sorry sir. There was a small fire at our other branch of the hotel. We all had to rush there. I saw your 3 missed calls at reception. There was no one to respond. I am extremely sorry that we could not respond to you. This has happened first time and as well that, yesterday night you were the only one at our hotel who had stayed back. Am sorry again!”

I was almost about to shit! Really.



Come back again soon. I will look around to you. I have to tell you more.
To Be Continued…


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  1. This is sort of on topic or maybe a bit off topic but one of my FAVE movies is “BOOTHNATH”. Amitabh Bachchan was brilliant as the ‘ghost’! 😉
    You are welcome. You are very talented!
    Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha

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  2. WE used to have 2 Bollywood movies on our multicultural channel a week. Now it is down to 1 but there are 4 -1/2 hour shows (I assume soap opera type shows).
    I have been watching Bollywood for almost 18 years now. Alot of my non Indian friends do not understand the fascination. My East Indian friends understand.
    It is fun when my Pharmacist & I discuss the weekly movie. People give us weird looks..well me actually 😉
    It is even funnier when Mr Mani asks after Siddhartha…people look REALLY confused, hahaha!!!

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      • I adore Bollywood…I do not like musicals from America tho’…go figure?
        Yes the multi-cultural TV channel carries Chinese, Japanese, South Korean, East Indian, Hungarian, Czech, African, Carribean shows & movies. So there is alot to choose from!
        I need subtitles as I do not know many languages. I do know a few Hindi words…I look up words all the time to get meanings.
        Keeping an open mind & learning is a wonderful opportunity isn’t it Prakash?

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  3. Considering my background I was born an ‘open mind’.
    I am of German/Russian/Czech Jewish & Aboriginal ancestry.
    My Father’s family go bavk to 1392 in Austria & some migrated to Germany in 1700’s.My Father was a Holocaust survivor & came out of Germany in 1945 to Canada. My Mother’s family were always on the move from Russia to Czech Republic & Poland until they went to UK & then came to Canada.
    I was their only child. My parents divorced when I was 11 & both remarried.
    My Mother & stepFather decided to adopt & I chose my Sister & Brother & they are both black! My Sister’s biological parents/family are from Trinadad & my Brother’s biological parents were from Jamaica.
    Oh & my Father was adopted by the Northern Cree Aboriginals & I was also adopted into the culture too.
    We are the United Nations!!! 😉 LOL.

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