The Ghost Who Travelled With Me

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Dear Reader,

This is Aakash. I was born for the novel “Today Calls Tomorrow“. Its been past 50 years am married and am in my late seventies. My wife Anwesha has been a great support to me throughout my life. Our life in Pune has been way good than expected. Our work towards NGO is keeping many economically backward people around happy. Happiness is a chain reaction and in turn we are happy as well. Every thing around, with Gods grace has been pleasant.

But…, I know.

There is always a but! But there is this one thing. One thing that even my wife doesn’t believe me. I don’t know how to prove myself to Anwesha regarding this. That’s why am writing to you. I hope you will trust me in what i say. I dont expect or need any solution. I just need someone to believe in me when i say,

I have seen a ghost“.

Its been around since a very long while for now. I hope you have not made up your mind that “This guy, Aakash, in his seventies, is loading some pile of crap here!”. No, please don’t say that. That’s what my wife tells me when i say there is ghost around. I hope you will be different. You will listen and trust in what i say. Won’t you?

Now, i don’t want to tell more about myself. I Hope you have read me in “Today Calls Tomorrow“. If not, that’s still okay. I will pull out somethings as I go. let’s get this started.


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23 thoughts on “The Ghost Who Travelled With Me

  1. Wow! What a beginning after a virtual end!!! Totally unexpected πŸ˜€
    Half way through the story I thought Akash would say, I’m occupied by a ghost πŸ˜› πŸ˜› hehe well sir it says the story has had an unpredictable beginning.
    All the best and wish you extra hours to keep us thrilled πŸ™‚ Good luck sir! You’re wonderful πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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