Thirty One: The Cultural Evening

Purvi Continued, “Poorna, these are my best friends and friends of my life. Meet ‘Sumit’, ‘Aakash’, and ‘Anwesha’. Taking their care and every need is your responsibility. If I receive any complaint then I won’t give you the gift I had promised.”

Poorna still could not lift her face up. She had this feeling of guilt a little, more than guilt she had this feeling that they were the wrong people and it was okay to mess up with them. She somehow managed to look at them and said “Hi”. Exactly same was the situation with the other three. They somehow managed to face her and replied back “Hello”.

The three got into room. There was one separate room arranged for Sumit. There was one common room for Aakash and Anwesha. They were happy. Immediately they got fresh, the bed looked like heaven and they went to sleep. They sure did not forget to put an alarm for 6.00pm so that they can be on time for the 7.00pm cultural evening.

By 6.45pm they were in the hall. Mohit and Purvi introduced them to their family members. Everyone were occupying the seats slowly. The number of members in both their family was large. There was a crowd of 200+ with still 3 more days for marriage.

The cultural evening had performances from two teams. There was a famous musical troop in Manali called SAPNAA. SAPNAA is a team of 6 girls, Shweta, Aishwarya, Pooja, Nivedita, Akhila and Ankita. Any family function with a performance arranged from SAPNAA team was known to be a royal one. They used to have a mixture of performances comprising of folk songs, western, group dance and everything as requested by bride and groom. Purvi and Mohit had mentioned many songs and dances to be performed for the evening. They had dedication to themselves, family and friends. There were cheers and screams as the team performed. They had the slot from 7.00 to 8.30pm and they had set the crowd to dance.

Next was traditional performance from Manali. The team was ready to perform. I think you should watch as well. Here is a short video of traditional dance of Manali – Pahari.

The crowd finally joined them and they all enjoyed the performance. It was entire family dancing with joy. The day ended with delicious food and a good night sleep. Throughout the function, Poorna was trying to hide herself from the three!


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