Eleven: The One Question

Aakash said to sumit, its only today I understand the meaning of “complicated relationship”. It’s tangled. The most tangled web. Before I ask or say something else, I have only one question to ask,

“Friend or More??”

 There was a silence again for ten minutes. They both were watching the magnificent beauty of Okayama garden.

Sumit answered, I would be a worst friend if I propose her. May be some relationships are meant to be so. Though there will always be a small desire, I don’t want to spoil it for myself, Purvi and Mohit. If I express it, maybe we may never talk again in future. The day’s ahead look merrier to me if I don’t express my feelings and stay a good friend to her like I am now. She will definitely be happy with Mohit.

Aakash interrupted, “Are you sure Mohit is not a villain guy? Then you will turn up a hero, rescue her and marry?”

Sumit started laughing. I am most sure that Mohit is a much better guy for Purvi than I am. They both are dancers. They have met each other in dance class and they have ambitions of opening a “theatre for arts” in future. They are a couple with dreams and ambitions and I am proud that they are in my friend circle.

Aakash exclaimed, well then there you have a solution for your problem. When you trust and respect them so much, even you don’t have rights to be sad. Be happy for them and never think anything odd again. As a friend I can’t see you in bad mood. It’s for all of us and for you.

Sumit promised to be happy for everything and take this as a “most preserved” memory of his life. He then asked Aakash, you seemed to be very happy before I said about engagement. What was it?

Aakash said I have been controlling myself in sharing with you this since then and started jumping out of happiness in the garden yelling

“Anwesha will be in Pune”,

“Anwesha will be in Pune”, Loudly! And everyone in the garden were staring at him!



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5 thoughts on “Eleven: The One Question

  1. Sumit is being very brave!! It is so sad that sometimes the person we fall in love with does not know…or if they do; they do not reciprocate.
    Love lost & all that…
    Sumit is being so honorable. This does not happen in our culture….
    Maybe that is why we mess things up so badly in our relationships? 😉

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  2. LOL trust me Prakash our North American culture is so different from Indian culture. There are good & not so good points in both I am sure. What I do believe is that there is far more HONOR in your culture. We are such a ‘melting pot’ of cultures that the very old fashioned ideas are lost & forgotten. Even the way I think & believe is far different from what my Great Grandparents did. They were Russian & Czech or maybe Polish Jewish on my Mother’s side & German Jewish on my Father’s side. hey would not recognize the world today I can tell you…
    As for the one in the shoes knowing what is right…not always…..I left a husband many years ago thinking he could not give me a ‘good’ life. The next husband was an alcoholic & wife abuser. THOUGHT I knew my own heart & mind. I came to realize 3 1/2 years later what a stupid mistake I had made.
    Thankfully I was able to leave before I was badly hurt or worse.
    A year ago the nice ex-husband found me on Facebook. I begged for his forgiveness & he said he forgave me years ago. Never have I felt so much relief. He is married for many years now & I am glad of that. Life has so many lessons doesn’t it my friend?

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    • I very much agree. Life indeed has many lessons to us in the journey. Its all the way we take it, find the encouragement and move ahead. Some of them might leave a long impact but they do bring out the good in us.

      I am sorry to hear them but i wish and pray for all the happiness ahead.. 🙂

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  3. Ah Prakash I was young & stupid. I took a lot for granted & was quite self centered.
    Once I got into my mid 30’s & went to College I grew up……
    Now I do my best to be kind & compassionate with everyone.
    Lessons learned 😉

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