Forty Three: Sumit was Amit

Before she could start, Poorna asked Anwesha “Why do you want to know the story from me? Why don’t you ask your best friend Sumit?” Anwesha retorted “Guys give a different perspective to the story. They self center themselves when they say it. I will hear from him definitely, but first I want to know the one from you.”

Poorna knew that Anwesha totally understands her. She started,

“It was around five years ago. I had just started getting to know the internet and opened my account on a social networking site. It was orkut, which is now not there anymore. But for me, my account lasted exactly for three months. I deleted it after three months.

As soon as I created my account, I uploaded my photo. It was midnight around 1.00. I was too excited about my new profile. Before I could start sending request to my friends, I immediately got a friend request. It was from a guy named ‘Amit’. Without further thoughts I just accepted the request and started finding my friends. Amit immediately liked my picture and did write a scrap on my profile saying ‘Welcome to Orkut’. I was happy to meet a new guy and I juts replied ‘Thank you’. He vanished. I started finding out my other friends and joined few communities. I also checked out Amit’s profile. He had many girl friends and could not find a single guy in his account. Felt a little suspicious and still I thought not to give more thoughts to it.

I used to be online most of the times as it was all new to me. After a week, Amit met me over chat. He told me he was from Delhi, nearby to place where I was.  We started over usual conversation and soon it became a routine. We used to chat till late midnights most of the times. I used to sleep in my classes. We got to know everything about each other. Sometimes the chat would get dirty too. One day, he proposed me and said ‘I love you’. I was not sure on what to reply. With that unsure mind I agreed to his proposal.

The chats became longer and we used to discuss all wild things at hand. My love towards him grew deeper. One day I told him we shall meet and told him the location. He agreed instantaneously. The time was to meet at 5.00pm in the lotus temple. I was there at 4.30pm. I waited and waited and waited. I was there till night The phone number he had given me was switched off. I returned home and saw his account to be deleted. His email id was Fake! I was betrayed. Not a single information he gave about him was true!

I was deeply carried away. It took me a lot of time to recover. I deleted my account. That Amit is this Sumit! I hope you understand what I would have been through”

Anwesha promised, “I will fix this Poorna!” and she immediately went to Sumit’s room.

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