A Conversation

Written for daily post prompt: Circle


Me: Hey Circle!
Circle: Hello You!

Me: I want to write something about you. Any tips?
Circle: Explain my geometry!

Me: Na!  Too lame!
Circle: Talk about my features

Me: No one would be interested
Circle: Talk me as a metaphor. Talk about the circle of life. About good and bad things and how they circle!

Me: Many others are writing about it. Poems too. I want this to be unique. Any other suggestions?
Circle: Talk about reinventing the wheel. How the old changes to new and generation celebrates the old. It’s all a cycle!

Me: That’s not as interesting as well. I want something quick, something neat.
Circle: Color me!

Me: Oops! < …Silence… >

Me: Hey Circle!
Circle: Hello You!

Me: I want to write something about you. Any tips?

Witty Procrastinator


Witty is not the brain,
Which always finds an excuse!

Witty is not the brain,
Which tells it’s okay to be lazy!

Witty is not the brain,
Which often forgets!

Witty is not the brain,
Which postpones and delays!

Witty is the brain,
Well, Wait!
I will tell you tomorrow!

Written for the daily post prompt: Witty

Satisfaction Volunteers

Indian Bloggers

Written for the daily post prompt: Volunteer


While I take the walk,
Heading at a unknown destination,
In search of unknown,
Hate volunteered.

Hate had the ego,
Taking away the happiness,
Wicked got the mind,
Anger volunteered.

Anger had the stress,
Turned the good to ugly,
Unsatisfied was the soul,
Sadness volunteered.

While the party started,
Hate, anger and sadness rejoiced,
Darkness and the disco hall,
Depression volunteered.

All of a sudden I see the path,
I see the destination,
I understand the boundaries,
I see the disguised guests.

I volunteer love,
Welcome peace at will,
Home all the happiness,
Satisfaction volunteered.

The Mind Hustles

Indian Bloggers


Adit had a big day coming up. He was excited about the interview result which was supposed to be declared anytime. Mean while he had another big one lined up in two days.  The same day morning he had a presentation scheduled with his manager. It was a critical report and solely the responsibility of Adit. Mean while at home, there were some family responsibilities lining up from almost a week.

Adit was having this feeling of urgency. Life was moving at an undeterminable path. There was a rush.  There was hurry in everything he did. There was a call for urgency from every end. And when finally it was the day,

The family priorities were left unfinished, led to arguments, unfulfilled duties; he skipped his breakfast and reached office. While the presentation started, because of some unfinished jobs from manager side, all blame was sided to Adit. The presentation was halted in between asking him for a better. It was this monstrous manager for whom Adit wanted to change his job for. Just then, after the lunch, there was a mail which stated the rejection of his interview. It was a dream job rejection. Adit was soaking into a deep realm of thoughts.  The only left hope was another interview scheduled in the evening, which he failed too.

That day, Adit cried. His whole body cried. There was a call for urgency, an urgent need for rest. With no further decisions, he lay down on his bed and was into dreamless, thoughtless sleep.

Next day morning, he was stronger than ever before. Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Realistically.

For the daily post prompt: Urgent

The Mirror’s Fate

Indian Bloggers

This post is written for the daily prompt word, ‘Unfinished’.

Long ago in time, there lived a mirror which was visited daily by hundreds and thousands. It was believed that the mirror had a life. It was believed to house some sort of soul inside it. It had an ability to show things in a beautiful way. No matter how perfect the object seen through the mirror was, it always used to beautify it by adjusting the lines, colors, tones etc. Some used to say the mirror was cursed for it never saw beauty in anything. Some used to say the mirror had a boon to make anything look beautiful.


One fine day the community decided to place this mirror in front of another mirror. One huger mirror was built and finally held in front of it. You will not believe what happened to the mirror.  People were amazed to witness the scene. What happened was….

No, Thank You.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No, Thank You.”

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

Ban the SMS lingo / slang elsewhere. I know I am not asking for one, but a whole set, but its definitely worth it. It’s okay for personal chats, but sure not for general usage.

1 wud def nt like readin smethin writn like dis. Isn’t it??

An Honest Lie

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Truth or Dare.”
Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?

Honesty always comes with varying flavors of those kinds which may take a while to realize. Or at its best we may never realize. We may never realize that,

  • With Honesty, we have said the truth which was also accompanied with few little lies, those lies which made the truth look clear.
  • With Honesty, we have performed the duty today, only to spare the time for something else which we have loved to do.
  • With Honesty, we have accepted all that we did only to keep ourselves happy then, if not now.
  • With Honesty, we have a plan only to cover up the unplanned so far with the deadlines approaching.
  • With Honesty, we have alarmed a praise only to get similar in return.
  • With Honesty, we have read literature’s on being honest, only to fit them at right places if not all.

Was it all pretending Honesty, by being a little Dishonest? Or was it an Honest Lie?

I think. I still think. And its on!

The Mlanet

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Interplanet Janet.”

You get to design your own planet: tell us all about your planet — the weather, the seasons, the inhabitants. Go. – Interplanet Janet


I would like to be a minion and my planet being called as “Mlanet – The Minion Planet”. We all speak the minion language.

Bello! Tulaliloo ti amo! […You can refer to Minion Language HERE. …]

Mlanet weather is fun weather where all the minions work and have fun while work. Work is enjoyed here because there is no pressure or pain. Everyone loves what they do. Essentially whole planet is Gru’s lab!
Kan pai. Poopaye!