IBMC Challengers – July 2017

This is a summary post of challengers who have completed or on-going with the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge for the month of July 2017. The challenge was instantiated in the early second week of April 2016 and a part of WordPress Event which can be found HERE.


Nitesh from the blog Sketches by Nitesh has completed six challenges this far and it has been a much exciting read. The first one can be found here: I am so I am

Maiya Calise from the blog VERBONAUT has began the challenge and the completed first one can be found here: The cool and the fool

‘Thank you’ to all who have taken/been taking the challenge and to all who have liked them. Feel free to take up the challenge if it excites you!:-)

A list of all the completed challengers can be found HERE


Camp NaNoWriMo 2017


With July 31, both the NaNoWriMo camps get completed. I had participated in April, spent 30 hours editing my novel and successfully completed the camp. The novel then went to a publish house whose reviews are not out yet.

This July camp I had set a target of 60 hours of edit and completed it successfully yesterday midnight. I have been certainly happy with the current edit.


Now the wait beings for the big one coming on November with 50k words.


From the Books of a Bibliophile

It starts with a line, line by line, putting pages together and book gets marked as ‘read’. At the other side along the read, the ‘To-Be-Read’ list keeps growing. Books get piled up.


All this happens amidst life chronicles where:

  • reading is a leisure activity or
  • that thing which keeps life sane or
  • it is habitual routine or
  • something else like that.

We might not know how reading became a habit. It could be a family thing. It could be friend passed thing. It could just be a thing, whatever, with no association tags. There is this important thing – reading.

One fine day, at some part of some book, there comes an enlightening moment. It comes for no reason and it comes out of no expectation.

You stop reading!
Not because it got mind-numbing or tiresome but because the book just got close to heart. It’s not just the book anymore but it also brings something together. That something, which is very close and dearer to heart. It’s not just the lines that are being read but a gather of emotions and events. It’s not just the pages that are turning but it’s the flashes of memories and associations. You stop and go lost in the universe created by the book.  While also you cry, not knowing the reason why. It’s just a good feeling that way.

That is when a ‘Favorite Book’ is found. It occupies a best place on the book shelf. The hunt now begins for another such book. Most next reads turn out to be a disappointment or may be even lead to a readers block.  The reading goes on. One will never know when such moment would occur again.

I have got four such books so far. How many do you have?

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How Smelly Are You?

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What’s your odour? How do you smell? It is very fundamental to associate a smell to our self because others will do it anyway. If we do not have our own then the one which people associate will become that of ours.  It is very rare that people are going to rate us with a perfume smell. Even if we do a zillion good things, a past minor mistake is enough to give a stinking smell.

Maybe the perfume does not exist. There is only stinking smell. So we should make sure to keep our surrounding away from all the stinking smells. We might not be able to keep that away. But we can sure apply some perfume to our self so that we avoid all those stinky smells. And most importantly we should not expect others to smell us good, if we our self are stinky.

Here is a small story. One there lived a laptop. Wi-fi device was its best friend. It used to bring internet to the laptop. They used to enjoy each other’s company. One fine day a better Wi-fi device was installed and previous one was sold out. The new Wi-fi device and laptop could not be good friends as laptop specifications were low for the new Wi-fi device.

Though there were no issues in bringing the internet to laptop, the combination somehow looked odd. There was a lot of generation gap. Laptop had developed an inferiority complex. Very soon laptop was replaced with a new one and the same person who had purchased the old Wi-fi device had purchased this laptop too. New device had found a new friend and older one got its friend back. They both were happy but however it was not long.

The cycle kept repeating. I don’t want to explain what this story signifies. Very soon the story might get outdated because of generation gap. It is important that we stick to our generation where similar cultures are valued. Else it becomes stinky.

Learning how to converse in a group has always been a challenge. Now things are different. Learning how to listen in a group is also a challenge. Learning how to interpret things and to stay with open mind is also a challenge.  Not taking anything personal is also a challenge. Learning how not to repeatedly point out at someone else mistake is also a challenge. We have many to learn isn’t it??

The Duty Call

From the Chapters of The Void 

“I do it as I do. You see it as you do.”

 It’s the rain. The way it pours down to the earth. The way it then goes back up to form the clouds. It’s the transformation between that up and down. It’s the play of forms.

 But you see not everyone likes the rain. Not the dogs which have given birth to pups and they are drowning in rain. Not the one who has fallen sick. Not the one who has dressed up well and the plan was to head out. That does not lead to the conclusion that ‘rain isn’t good’.

Is the rain Bad?
Don’t know.
Is the rain good?
Don’t know.

The question is, ‘What does the rain feel?’ That is what matters. Rain is doing its duty. It means, well, you know.

 A void does its duty.  It gives an opportunity. Does it look good or bad?

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Dear Society!

This poem was guest blogged in Jyotirmoy’s Blog, Racing Against Time.


One has to study, because neighbour’s kid does,
One cannot dance, because no one near does!
The wealth, the class, the mass, that was,
The discussion of groups, of – such an ass!

While many dreams die, burst inside,
Fire within and chaos the internal,
No one hears the unheard howling cries,
But everyone hears the amplified factual lies!

When one has the competence, other gets to do,
When one cries with skills, other laughs in disability,
Once there is a gender, once there is an age,
Ask me not what stops, there is so much rage!

As the deceased diverges, Intellect shatters,
World looks hideous and the water cries,
Like a half carved statue, undefined shape,
One stands ugly, while the meaning cries.

One got slapped, other harassed,
Another was followed, someone was raped,
One got mocked, other made feel ugly,
Another was back-stabbed, someone was fired.

The cries of pain, heart with dark stains,
For all the things dared, the darkness itself scares.
The regrets are strong, never felt so wrong,
Did not know why, where life seems a lie.

Things never understood, never explained,
Hidden in the smiles are darkness and fear files,
Numerous masks, never no one to ask,
For it is ugly, taking darkness into the team.

Never saw the sunshine, or what it actually meant,
For only could rent, a deathbed just fine!
In the end, came all, looking at the fall,
Only words they sell, “Sleep Well!”

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On Writing – Book Review


‘On writing’ by Stephen King. If you love to write and looking to get better, this one is a must read. A gem. A must have, to all the aspiring and budding writers.

Part A of the book is his autobiography. The beauty of this part is that while we read about author’s biography, we read about his childhood and writing journey, we also read about admirable writing tips. It’s a hidden treasure of some wonderful writing tips.

Well, Part B, does its duty the best.

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A Note. Just that!

A Note
I have moved to a new workplace, basically to say, my old workplace after three years of research experience and still settling up.

I have been out of blogging for a while now and might so continue for a few more days. I do have pen down a few posts amidst which I have scheduled to be posted in next few days. I might not be prompt in replying to those.

Much Important One
It’s been a long while I have not visited any of the blogs, but I will be back soon. I shall try my best to catch up. It’s been a race. A real one. But that’s how its designed to be. So be it!

– PH