NaNoWriMo 2017

Yes, Its completion of NaNoWriMo 2017 and has been an incredible experience working as a ML. I just wanted to make a post to mark the end on the Month. Will be back with detailed experience soon.

 By the way, along with ML-ing, I got winner flair too! Yayy!



IBMC Challengers – November 2017

This is a summary post of challengers who have completed or on-going with the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge for the month of November 2017. The challenge was instantiated in the early second week of April 2016 and a part of WordPress Event which can be found HERE.


Blogger from Random Daily Thoughts has completed Seven challenges so far. The first one can be found here: Stop and Smell Roses

Rekha from the blog Amore Natura has completed Six challenges so far. The first one can be found here: The Cool and The Fool

‘Thank you’ to all who have taken/been taking the challenge and to all who have liked them. Feel free to take up the challenge if it excites you!:-)

A list of all the completed challengers can be found HERE

The Free Run

They say it’s the ‘run’. They also say, ‘run for your passion. Do not follow someone’s path because they were successful in it. The only mantra is dedication. Don’t let your mind freely wander just anywhere. Be it in the field of your choice’.

Can you believe that there is a theory for everything? There is example and counter example for every case. Internet can endow with an image of any kind we want. There have been few people who have been an embarrassment to the society. There have been people who have been mocked worldwide. Where is this free run leading to? Is it been too much of freeness and now needs a fence? The freedom of speech has been exploited in a lot broader sense and with that freeness cometh the distrust.

‘There is no free lunch’. I love this quote so much. Everything has to be earned. Happiness is earned. Sorrows are earned too. Dedication earns success. Ignorance earns failure. If something is bringing a lot of free coupons then, hey, watch out. No mail can give us million dollars. Clicking a link won’t give us discounts. Sharing a post does not change color to golden. Where the utilization of education is if we still don’t believe that there is ‘no free lunch’? Or it is a clear indication of one’s common sense being sucked out forever.

As we start keeping a baby step in a field and even if we smell a little success, suddenly we have an opinion on every other thing. We make it public as well by posting on social networking sites, like as if it matters and then there are people showering emotions on it. This is sure not good for society and god’s sake. Like for example, I don’t think it’s a good idea for a doctor, politician or scientists to write a movie review in public unless asked. Do you agree with me?

Look at everything a free mind can do. It can make one say, “These are purely my opinions and no offence, but that song is bad”.  A free run can make a director and his movie crew to get into very cheap publicity stunts.

It was said it’s going to be a very healthy discussion. Everyone is going to talk about the issue and put forth the opinions in a very health manner. The reports said things were in control. Only that the judge was found murdered the very next day.

The world is beautiful. It is so beautiful that it makes you pay for your mistakes in no time. The louder one mocks, the faster the karma gets the deserving treat. That karma is sure a five letter word! (You know what I mean, right?)

Isn’t life so much exciting when we follow a sport? That adrenaline rush we go through when our support plays is priceless. That little cries when lost and bundle of happiness when the game was won is a treasured moment of life. That is an exciting free run of carefree mind.

 I remember how in school days sometimes, the morning sessions used to be so long that by afternoon, we used to feel it was time to go home. Only on opening the lunch box we used to realize that lunch break is not over yet. Then with amaze we used to tell everyone around and they with surprise used to open their lunch box and confirm that we really had a long day. It was the days where the time was known only through the bell ring.  One having a hand watch was like a celebrity. Mind and body used to be excited even for smaller things. It is these kinds of things which a free mind should actually bring.

From: The Run – Secret Destination


The Rosie Project – Book Review

I was wondering “why isn’t the book adapted to movie yet?” A brilliant LOL read. It’s humorous and kept me going all through the read.


If you are looking for a book that will keep you engaged through out, give some laughs and calm your mind, this is definitely the pick.

Yes, it has entered my ‘Gem’ list.

Why Write?


Pleasure of the heart or pain in the ass, the harsh reality or a dreamful fiction, magic or logic, love or hate, however and whatever way the list grows, they are one hell of a solicitous thoughts. If there is anything that can amplify the beauty of these thoughts is by, yes, you guessed it right – Writing. Writing is the flow of cognisant thoughts into the paper basket. It’s a cascaded random channel that is rebellious to form a structure.


It’s me (The real me).
When I write, I am being that me,
which I actually wanted to, but could not be

Writing – A Maze.
You could love it because it’s relate-able and beautiful, likewise you could hate it because it’s relate-able and painful. It could be the happiness that just slipped away or sadness that needs to walk away. Mind is a maze or to be more precise a maze with a hurricane. Mind is a scattered stupidity. It’s mean. It’s real.  It’s supportive at times and null at other, all because of a bank of unsaid words. It’s this maze that is struggling to turn into stream of words.

Writing – The Things.
It can be that which made you realize that ‘today is beautiful’. It can be that which made you stare at a thing while you were completely submerged into some other thing. It could be that one momentous mail that you drafted or received. It could be that quick nap you took at work. Or it could not be any of that. It could be the Utopian world that you have always imagined and wanted your people and culture to be.  All those things under the name of happened and did not happen. All of that things, you can write.

Writing – The Emotions.
Writing is healing at times and ruining at other. They can be all and still say nothing. They could be nothing and still be it all. They carry that undivided feeling of foolishness that a man can have. They might not put one through and stay un-supportive. They might not be the wishful things. What are they? – the every swing of unexpressed emotions. They might make one live in a fairy land. They might give the feeling of happiness or take the sadness away. Wait, are they not same? No. they aren’t. That is the beauty of writing.

Writing – A Support.
Writing is a soul with a body, mind, heart and more unknown parts. Sometimes they take wings and fly. They take fins and swim. They also just use legs and walk. Writing can pick the one of hundred things that happened on a day to give it the necessary attention. Writing is a shoulder that one can cry upon. When everything else fails, writing can do the required supernatural. When the moments are in pain, when the heart desires a friend, when mind needs a solace, writing can stand as a strong support system.

When you don’t know what exactly you are thinking,
if you want to be read what exactly you want to say,
you don’t talk!
You write!

Writing – While and Moment.
Some stand long, some make a quick exit. Some create a space and some leave a void. Everything comes with a lesson. Those hidden layers of deep feelings can be uncovered through writing.

Writing – The Chaos.
You write because it is a way to manage the chaos. You write because you can shape your challenges and make it an art. You write because, it makes you write. Question yourself, “what makes you write?” It’s that ‘it’, which you challenge yourself and try to seek. You might end up with some disguised you which cannot be uncovered. It’s a form of inspiration that carries from writers thoughts to readers mind opening up an umbrella of thoughts.

Writing – Is Just Not Words.
They say writing can be magic. Trust me, they are lying. Writing is divine. It is the beauty that one wishes to see, feel and experience.

A word of caution though, “Don’t write!” It might spoil you. It might make you feel and appreciate the love and surrounding of you. It might make you feel the heaven on earth, masking the cruel reality. It might give the best of all and worst of none. Or might give you the best of worst and make you ignore the rest of the best. It is not a nature’s creation. It’s not artificial. It’s not natural. It’s you-made.

After all,
you know the answer for the question, “are they just words?