Fifteen: A Step Closer to Anwesha

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I somehow started liking college days more than holidays. Only because I could see her. I still never dared to talk to her. I used to talk with every other girl in class with ease. I was always that last bench guy who did his stuff in class hours. Anwesha became class popular. She used to organize events, class trips, study like mad, party like great mad. I could see the craze and madness in her. She even started a literary club at college. She always had bright eyes. She had this charity organization she used to work on some weekends.

One day, she walked to me and asked “Do you have a space in your team for project?”. It was for final year project team. Yes. The days pass very quickly. I did not know what to reply. I just said no and the team was already having four members. She smiled and said, “Let me know if I can still crash in”.

I made one my friends agree to move to other team and texted Anwesha that evening, “Anwesha, we can take one more in team. Himanshu just moved out.”

For Anwesha Texted back, “Oh, I just agreed to join Sahitya’s team

I was feeling the burn. I did not know the reason. I could not say it to anyone. There was nothing wrong in what had happened. Still, nothing else in life looked interesting to me. I had many deadlines ahead and I was still lying on bed and pretending to sleep. In 30 mins, there was a beep. It was text from Anwesha.

I am joining back your team. See you tomorrow”. That happiness, I can’t express. One has to only feel it.

Then, we got to be a team. We did almost all other projects together. Went to paper presentations, won prizes, performed on stage, organized events, went to each other’s home, canteen, classes, everything of rest of the year, we almost did it together. I helped her for placements, she got placed. I don’t know, though I was good enough, I got it late. She was always there for me for every interview!

Then we graduated and I moved here. We are still in touch. The night before graduation, I decided I will keep this as friendship, as I still did not know, if I should name it love.


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