1. The Making of Plans

“The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed – William Gibson”

The plans! How good are they? I had my friend who used to have a to-do list prepared one after the other with a day’s gap or two. He used to list down all the tasks to be done over the time which also included eating chocolates, watching movie and every possible thing. He used to check mark when done and finally calculate the percentage at the end. Sometime he used to have a 2 day plan, at times a week plan and anything that fits the schedule. Having no plans was also a plan.

I hardly saw him messing things up. He never used to finish everything as per plan, but for most of the times it was nearly seventy percent. At the end of the plan he used to add, “Being lazy and relaxing” into the task list like five times and check mark it. He used to say my plan is to be happy and not to sob about wasted time. Ask me who is that friend? Before you make a wrong guess, let me tell you that it’s me!

Having short term and long term plans are equally good. The best plan is to put them down and look at them every day. We will exactly know when to change them and what exactly to change them to. Plans could be made mentally as well. The word ‘mental’ here is rather important.

It’s always good to have New Year resolutions. Not that we are going to follow it rigorously but we get matured enough to know when to stop following it. Resolutions need not be restricted to a specific day. They can be on red carpet all day any time. Technology has given us many tools for putting out our plan. We sure should have one downloaded and installed.

I really had no plans on writing this. It just popped up at an instance and I started making a note of it. I know it will follow for long time and I will have a good collection soon. That’s my message at the end of the day. Plans should be open and have sufficient opportunity to welcome new tasks. At the end of the day, we don’t want our plans to control us. We just want them to stick around and do as we say.

Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work – Peter Drucker



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