Ten: The Love Matters

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Aakash and Sumit were sitting in Okayama garden. They both had bunked the office for the day. They had some serious issues to be discussed and you know that as well. They had few vada pav and tea, sitting amidst green, looking at water flow and each other every now and then.


Sumit broke the silence and started speaking. It’s on the first day we met she told me she was engaged. I was all so cool and happily smiling. In fact I have also met Mohit.

He had stayed here for 2 days when he had come to drop Purvi to Pune and to make sure that she had settled up well. Purvi had introduced me to Mohit on second day of her office. We had been to the dam. Mohit told me to take care of her before he left.

Sumit continued, you know purvi has a funny story. On the day of her engagement she eloped as it was with some other guy and on the same day she got engaged with Mohit in temple with all the friends support. They said they were in love since 8 years. I was so much happy to see them both. They have a reactive chemistry. Now both the families have agreed for their marriage. She is getting married in 6 months. Approximately.

Look at me! What have I done to myself? I had thought such things happen only at movies. Never in my life had I imagined this would happen with me. I literally never knew when Purvi became part of my life. Only positive side I can see is that she will be a good friend to me for my lifetime!

Aakash had wide eyes and was speechless.

Literally! Like never before. There was silence for ten minutes. Aakash then said, β€œI only have one question to ask!”


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