One: Welcome Dreams

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This is a sneak and peek into aakash’s daily diary and a few excerpts. There you see a good habit of Aakash. Writing daily diary. He was a good poet as well. On the way to Pune, the pen moved across the paper putting forward few mind capturing lines.



Am stepping out of my nest,

My new life I am ready to adjust!

I dream to aim high,

My efforts to touch sky!

The one opportunity to thrive,

I know it’s a strive!

For life brings changes,

I see it in ranges!

Am ready to move, move and move!

Life gives us words, we make out the lyrics.

What matters is the meaning and how well it rhymes!

Am ready to move, move and move!


There is always a mixture of emotions when you go for something new. They are two sided and both the sides get a chill deep down. The two extreme pulls which somehow balance each other and I still don’t know if the balance is zero. One side of resistance from the environment where we have grown up and accepted it as a perfect dwelling place and other side of capacitance pulling to be part of new growing place with more responsibilities and independence.

There will always be a phase of time where yesterday looks stupid and tomorrow sights the brightness in mind. We get to see this phase every moment. Laugh at ourselves for what we were yesterday and promise ourselves that I will be better tomorrow. Well, like I said, I am headache at times. If you did not understand after the poem which aakash scribbled down, move on. Things will only get better ahead!


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6 thoughts on “One: Welcome Dreams

    • eww! 😛
      This was my first write. Like more than an year ago. I was bit immature (Even now I am) back then. You can expect a ok-okay writing.

      I am so glad to hear that. 🙂 Thank you so much.. 🙂


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