Muse and Pen – Haiku


This Haiku is written for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Challenge Number 68 – Muse and Pen. The prompt is to write a haiku on the words Muse and Pen.

story of my life,
a musing; being a muse,
i hold the pen firm.

Syllables Per Line: 5 7 5

Thought: Each of us have a story of our life to say. The musings of our life, being a muse(poet), its always better if we write it on our own without others interference.



This poem is written for Poetry 101 Rehab: Exposition.


In her every joys,
In her every voice,
In her every cries,
In her every lies,

In her every bliss,
In her every stress,
In her every good,
In her every should,

He was there, as a solution.
Her exposition!

Is the insertion of important background information within a story; for example, information about the setting, characters’ back-stories, prior plot events, historical context etc


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