When you don’t know what you write!

Its all about the amazing human thought process when you don’t know what to write!  Its the various random thoughts that flow in mind like a never ending stream. The memories of past, the currents of present or the predictions of future. what would it be?

Is it the issues that community can solve or problems that have been already solved?  
Is it something that you have read and want the community to know or is it that community knows and you want to ponder your thoughts?
Is it the event that made you happy or is it the event that will make others happy?
Is it the attention you want to seek or the one you want to give?
Is it the collective analysis or the analysed collective?
Is it the experience you want to share or the sharing you want to experience?
Is it about who? when? what? or not?

Yes,We have a dangling mind because you can still write on “When you don’t know what to write”!


Is This Life All About? – A New Old

Scribble 01: A new Expectation
A new big change is always accompanied with a resistance.  Monotonous life is unaccepted and change is undesired. Once the change is on board, a new change awaits up in the queue. Is This life all about?

Scribble 02: A new Decision
A new decision is a new perspective. From moving to a new project to trying a new menu in a restaurant. Bits or bytes of a decision could lead to a new path in life. Is this life all about?

Scribble 03: A new Phase
Decision always directs a path. An unusual experience with dear ones can give a new turn. With time we grow our contacts, act more matured, be more social and look things in a diverse way. Is this life all about?

Scribble 04: A new Buy
As a kid, a chocolate was excitement. Today it’s an electronic gadget. Tomorrow it could be a flat. A new dress can no more be fun! It’s now all about the big thinking. Is this life all about?

Scribble 05: A new Generation
Our parents are outdated to us and we will be to our kids. It will be us who will bring the changes and make ourselves outdated for our kids! Is this life all about?

Scribble 06: A new Old
Things change. We will move on. There will be always new old’s which will get into our list. With time new gets older and we will have a new old. But some things can never be replaced or changed and it’s all up to us to make that classification. Yes, it’s the priority. This is life all about.