May Project

I have not posted any resolutions for the month of May for the very specific reason that the entire month is a celebration. It’s been a few years since I have been doing project-may and most of it is personal and secret within a closed book. For me, it’s about living the entire month and making the most of it.

The Diary that holds everything from May-Project

Travels, food, movies, meeting people, unexpected and living it out, May is so much more than that. May is about knowing that there is more than what we think there is. May is about making new moves. May is about every feel-good. May is about being self. May is new. May is a celebration. May is May.

I guess I have already said enough about the secret project!


Closing the April of 2022

Best April Ever! I was close to my goals, and April had some crazy things following up. I like being crazy and traveled to Bangalore for a 2-hour dance fitness session. Why? – because I wanted to dance my heart out. I am left out with a lot of points from the plan but completely satisfied with the way the month passed by. Here is the post I made for April.

For the Love of Reading and Writing

4.1 Read and complete 4 novels as a part of Goodreads challenge – did not complete any

4.2 Work on novel for 30 hours – CampNaNoWriMo – could do only 4 hours

4.3 A to Z Challenge on Blog – completed

4.4 A to Z Challenge on Instagram (prakash.hegade) – compelted

4.5 Write 26 general blog posts (Its PH) – completed

4.6 Write 5 technical blog posts (PH Bytes) – none

4.7 Write 26 short poems on Instagram (prakash.hegade) – completed

4.8. Complete and publish the ebook – Bit Codes – NIL

4.9 Continue – Symphony of Words – continued


4.10 Design and submit the draft of three work proposals – completed

4.11 Complete two MOOC courses on Qualitative and Quantitative research methods – NIL

4.12 Read 25 research papers – completed

4.13 Write 50 pages of the thesis – NIL

4.14 Work on Knit Algorithm components for at least 10 hours – completed

4.15 Submit two research paper – submitted


4.16 Exercise for alteast 24 days – completed

4.17 Watch 3 movies – watched more than 3

4.18 Complete ‘This is Us’ Season 3 – completed

4.19 Live the real/raw at ph_logs – to the best I could

4.20 Suprise Yourself – did

4.21 Celebrate more, Live more – did