Forty: The Letter

As Poorna left the room, Sumit saw a letter lying on the bed. He was questioned to see that. It was sealed in an envelope. He picked it up, opened the envelope and read it in hurry. It just said an incomplete sentence. It read, “Please Help!

letterWhy would someone keep a letter on his bed? That’s too which reads “Please Help!”. He started the guessing game on who would it be. Would it be Aakash or Anwesha? It cannot be. If so they could have told him directly. They were thick friends.

Purvi was in his room. Was it she who left the letter? Is it something she wants to share? He started feeling all the concerns about Purvi.  He had mixed thoughts of all the positive and negative feelings. Why would Purvi say so? What would it be? Do I need to go and talk to her? He decided to go and talk. He rushed out of his room and started searching for Purvi. He could not find her anywhere.

He searched for her in the kitchen, hall, in culture hall, almost everywhere and could not find her. With every place he moved in search of her, his worry increased. He looked tensed and he started running all over. He suddenly saw her sitting in garden along with Mohit where he was putting colors on her hand.

Sumit had a sigh of relief and headed back to his room. He just cursed himself for being so weirdo. As he reached his room he saw one more letter on his bed. He rushed and opened it. It read almost the same but a complete sentence. It said, “Please Help Yourself from Being Mental – Poorna”. Sumit shut the door and shouted out loud! “Why did I even not think of this? This girl is getting me go mad. I will have to do something. God, save me from the trauma!”


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