The Little Hurts

Little deeds of passion,

Set the expectations high!

Little does the heart know,

A little remark will hurt high!

Little deeds of passion,

Bring the smiles live!

Be the one to support,

For another to grow high!

Little hearts bear little hurts,

Making the hearts strong!

For every little takes high,

Let the little heart know!



Though there is different school of thoughts on expectations to have or not to have, it always good to have a balanced one.

My expectations make me live for tomorrow,

They yield at times and at times not,

When they yield I plan better and increase the day other,

When they don’t, I know what wont!

They bring lessons for life,

They teach about life,

They make us learn,

They build us strong.

Though it hurts from little to huge, they bring the lessons for lifetime. Expectations in turn bring that maturity in life, which makes us keep going head strong and stable. One fine day, it helps us train our mind to be just right in relationship with “REALITY!”

Short Term Inspirations

We all need it, badly, maybe on daily basis. As life always demands short and long term goals we also need an inspiration for short and long term. Short term inspirations are funny and they somehow keep us going for the day.


It’s the song we listen to, in the morning before the day starts.

It’s the text we send wishing for a good day.

It’s the compliment we get on a note, picture, video or anything else.

It’s the read from our favorite novel.

It’s a quick talk with loved one.

It’s the exercise we start the day with.

It’s the hello-hi wish at work/study place.

It’s the friends and our social life.

It’s listening to your favorite singer.

Many many more more.

It’s the motivation which makes the day bright and gives the reason to wait for tomorrow. Writing this was one of my short–term inspirations!

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All Hell Will Break Lose

All hell will break lose, when you know how to sniff and make the chase. Not only how to sniff but also where to sniff, unquestionably. Dealing with all the ongoing hot potatoes in life is the first step in achieving it. If you give up, all bets undeniably look off. It’s not about giving up; it’s about taking it in, just like a deep breath and a fast blow out. The more time you hold it, the more you will start stinking. Tag them the way they deserve and release it out. Every event on the corridor deserves this course of action. Be the designer of specification of your life. Keep it simple and be one. Life comes with all complex parcels, mostly looking like junk and trash disguised in more complex costume. Keep a filter and gaze them in simple requisites.

Just like the take away of above complicated paragraph is that

“Life is the way you look at it!”


If you know it,

You should know it well.

If you know it well,

You should use it wise.


The know is,

Kindness has more of it,

Care has most of it,

Attention has all of it,

For ignorance, minds none.


It’s the little one.

It’s not the costly one.

It’s definitely the respect,

It’s definitely not the mock.


It will add life to your living,

It will add smile in your laugh,

It is looking for white in the gray

It comes with time and goes with time.


Remember, “Value” comes to you the way;

In the way you are ready to receive!

The Mental Life

I don’t work when i go to work!
Because the fun keeps calling all the time.

I don’t eat, when i sit to eat!
Because the food i eat is not food at all.

I don’t walk when i go for a walk!
because the worries of life eats it all.

I don’t sleep, when i go to sleep!
For the dream of earning kills it all.

I don’t have fun, while am supposed to be!
Because am sitting at my office, pending works all!

Lyrics for Better Tomorrow – Promote Yourself

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A hope, a rise, a sun shine

This life, a prize, divine


Do love, live and forgive

Be loved, give, and believe


Ever shy, act wise and be nice

Cry, Rejoice and sacrifice


We get, forget, goes on

Easiest, toughest, don’t let down


Say; what you do

And do what you said


Quest, request, respect

Life just goes on perfect!

Poem By:
Prakash B Hegade

Research Student at IIIT-Hyderabad. INDIA

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