Sixteen: Anwesha in Pune

Aakash finally completed his story. Sumit was almost asleep; he said “Bro, you have missed a nice girl”. You should have expressed what you feel.

Aakash replied “I was not sure of anything. It’s a difficult decision to make. We met a few times in holidays and she had moved to her native when I came to Pune. We are still in touch though. I did not want to lose her friendship by putting all this ahead. She will be in Pune in some days. We shall meet. I will try my luck!”

Sumit was snoring. A new day being and every sunrise had new hopes to Aakash. Company work was hectic too. Usual routine work on weekdays and on weekends all the 3 used to hang-out in market area. A fortnight passed and one fine day he saw Anwesha’s satus update as

Moved to Pune”. As usual, he immediately liked it.

That weekend he got a call from unknown number. It was Anwesha with Pune local number. After the routine talks, Anwesha asked Aakash if he could meet her at dam on Saturday. He agreed.

It was Khadakwasala dam. The same place where Purvi had introduced Mohit to Sumit. Aakash had a million thoughts running in his mind. A combination of positives and negatives. It was still Thursday and he was badly waiting for the Saturday. Every minute killed him. Every moment he had a new thought. It could be a simple meet, or she may bring her love and introduce me, what else can be?

Aakash was all confused. He looked like a Chinese doll which always keeps shaking its head!



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