Twelve: The Good Old Shoes

Aakash suddenly realized that he was in the park and people were watching him and he was clueless on what he was doing. They both laughed at each other and headed back home. The sun was about to set. Sumit was still pleading him to tell more about Anwesha and Aaaksh was blushing every time. He just said, “Long story bro. Some other time!

That night Aakash could not sleep well. He had a slide show of memories that were passing his thoughts. All the memories of his college life, not only because of friends but also Anwesha, who was part of it.

Aakash’s slide show of thoughts will definitely bring back your memories as well.

My friend’s delicious birthday bake,

Forget the friend and fight for cake!


Lunch time boxes pile,

Stealing food is always the style!


Though we don’t know class schedule,

Canteen time-pass is the fuel!



Desi food no one can beat,

We don’t mind eating at street!



We sure fight for the last bite,

Slowly grab without the sight!

last bite


Beach trip is mandatory,

Fun there is compulsory!



Aakash was in bed and very slowly, all his thoughts got converted to dreams!


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