Twenty Seven: The Stranger

It was a long journey. The journey was from Pune to Mumbai, Mumbai to Delhi and Delhi to Manali. Mohit had planned their journey so well that they just had to follow the booked tickets.

The three friends were very emotional. A very not so popular thought that “You feel sad when your best friend is getting married” was evident on Aakash, Anwesha and especially on Sumit’s face. Journey till Delhi was a quite one. Aakash and Anwesha were eventful in their own world. They both had shifted to upper birth and holding hands and chatting all day. They both were listening to songs through single head phone and were glued to each other the whole time. Aakash was literally behind Anwesha all time. Sumit was usually not normal and still was quite.

As they got down in Delhi and boarded train to Manali, excitement just flew in. Aakash and Purvi were at upper and lower berth at one side and Sumit was at upper berth on other side of the compartment. They started pulling each other’s legs and finally the journey started to seem lively. All the three moved near the door and were waiting for the train start. As the wheels started to move, Anwesha held her head out and started howling “Yooohoooo”. Aakash was shushing her to be quite and she did more. Anwesha got louder and louder and started laughing hard.

As the train started moving, slowly the view outside turned from people to trees, mud roads to water flows, traffic sounds to bird’s chirps. They were entering the greens and the woods.


As they came back to their compartment, the lower berth was occupied by someone. That someone had already slept with sheets covered from face to toes. Aakash and Anwesha got into upper berth.

Sumit stared at that someone, and got to his berth. He really wanted to see that someone who was covered in bedsheet!


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