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What are the 10 things you want to do before you die?indispire

Written for IndiSpire Edition 58. 

I wanted to do this post with possible detail. It could serve as inspiration for many years coming ahead. At first I thought ten is a great number to list out. Then, I felt for all the years we live, ten is indeed a small number. I have divided them into cluster of two. One is my unique set of to-do list. Other is the common one, which everyone should do. I have supported each of them with a haiku.

The five of its unique kind

One: The Research.

I am pschoolboy with open book on white background. Isolated 3D imageursuing my PhD and I don’t know where it is taking me. I know research is all about living the hectic and loving it. I know it’s not about getting a thesis done and it’s about how is my work going to bring the change. Even if I finish it only with a thesis officially, I would still work until that day, where I rejoice that I have done what I intended.

research is a search,
which only you can stop, as,
only you know it’s there.

Two: The Book
There is a text book which I had initiated few years ago. I know it takes a hell lot of time to bring something out in its perfection. One day it is going to be out there – “C the Data Structures”.

as the pages turn,bl-02-book
the excitement increases,
i have got the book.

Three: The Institute

It’s the dream institute which I always think of. There is no proper structure framed yet. But it is going to teach. Still not clear in what way and how. I hope my research work will help me to frame it.

realize the dreams,
display it out, live it out,
the dream institute.

Four: The Country

Visit a few countries and explore the food and culture. Being explored with most partsbl-04-country of India, yet many remain as well. I want to build a documentary with data, pictures and videos I have collected.  Visiting reputed universities worldwide is part of the plan as well.

learn the food, culture,
appreciate the existence,
say hi to countries.

Five: The Languages


Learn at-least five national languages and international languages. Music from different culture is what motivates me to do this!

emotions and words,

the variety languages,
the sweetness around.

The five of it’s every own kind

Six: The Novels
I want to write atleast twenty novels in my life time. One is already completed and two more are on bl-06-novelsgo. With time, I have learnt to mould every episode with perfection. My first earning was through writing an article for local newspaper. And one day I want my novel to be published in episodes.

words take the meaning,
as i pen down sentences,
adding colors to page.

Seven: The Pets
Currently it’s limited only to dogs and cats, a few of them. I want to increase with variety and number and have animals around. They somehow give incredible happiness when they are around. Pets are must in one’s life.

they support at joy,
they support at sorrow,
they, pets are all mine.

 Eight: The Helps
bl-08-helpWant to have an association which will help the needy. May it be taking care of poor or financially supporting for education, physically disabled or any sort of help. Possibly jointly run in collaboration with many.

Someone’s cry for help,
may turn to joy and bliss,
needs just a care, smile.

Nine: The Library
I already have around thousand books of all variety of kinds. Want to turn one of my rooms to a mini library. Have books of all kinds and one shelf with my favorite collection. It is such a pleasure to look at the collection and keep revisiting the favorites.

the pages of story,
the books on my shelf gathered,
the pages of glory.

Ten: The Courses

bl-10-libraryFrom biology to chemistry, from blogging to music, from social to scientific, learn and complete as many courses as possible. Have already completed many and have certificates but compare to the list avail in world, it is merely less.

learn from the corners,
the absolute take away,
learn from every nook.

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Beauty in Ten Sentences

Thank you themissiontomars for the challenge!

Task: The challenge is to write ten sentences on “Beauty” and each sentence to have “six words” one of which must be “beauty” and ending it with a favorite quote on “beauty“. Also to nominate your friends to participate and spread the “virus“.

My Ten Sentences:

Beauty is of its own kind,
Beauty is the imperfections in bind.

It’s beauty not so known unkind,
It’s beauty everything in our mind.

Skin is beauty, said no one,
Mind is beauty, said every one.

Being strong is beauty, one duty,
Being wrong is beauty, another duty.

Shines of good heart, beauty is!
Power and smile starts, beauty in.

Note: I have shifted the position of beauty after every two sentences. Two more sentences would have made it perfect. I wish some readers will complete it!


“Beauty is the imperfection”


I would like to keep it open. Please feel to nominate yourself for the task. I am sure it it no less than fun!

Field and Beacon


Written for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #36

Idea: Write a haiku about “Field and Beacon”
This time i have used metaphor play. Field here refers to ones own area of interest and beacon as an alert to the one that expertise in a field will always bring a good career ahead.

beacon in the field,
red alerted the trespassers,
you might be hired now.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ha Ha Ha.”

Tell us a joke! Knock-knock joke, long story with an unexpected punchline, great zinger — all jokes are welcome!

    “Who is at the door?”
    “Who is it?”
    “Me, Who?”
“Me, Him”
    “Him, Who?”
“Who me!”
    “Me, Who?”
“Who am I?”
    “How do I know?”
“Then why do you ask?”
    “Who are you?”
“Who are you?”
    “Open the door, Its the milkman!”

Maid and The Mansion


This story is written for Mondays Finish the Story: March 16, 2015. The task is, a photograph and a beginning line is given and the story needs to be completed in about 150 words.


A body suddenly crashed through a plate glass window at the Brigadier’s house. Disturbed were the people around who were busy in their daily chores. For a minute they were all looking intently at each other, not realizing how to seize the situation. They called all the maids and watch keepers and the entire mansion heard a creepy silence. It was cold.

The little yellow bird which had crashed in almost looked dead. It seemed that it was chased by an eagle. One of the maids ran down the mansion and got some mud from the garden. She gently applied it on the bird’s body which had a thin scar. Drops of water through the bird’s beak were delivered slowly.

Five minutes, it flapped its wings slowly, took a huge round in the hall and flew away through the window. Everyone smiled and the maid was rewarded.

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