Forty Seven: The New Journey

Mohit and Purvi were about to start their new journey of life. Everyone was presenting gifts as the token of love. There was also a special gift ready. Poorna, Anwesha, Sumit and Aakash had been to locality, advertised about the cultural and arts school and had got 20 admissions.

They presented it to the couple. It was the best gift to start over. They thanked all the four from heart and hugged them. The school was starting next month. The day had mixed emotions all over. Purvi’s parents were happy. So were Mohit’s.

Mohit and Purvi waved their hands to all and left for their honeymoon to Paris. It was a fortnight trip.

Poorna packed her bags and left to her home with her parents. Before she left, Sumit went to her and said “I will see you soon”

Aakash, Anwesha and Sumit started their journey pack to Pune via Delhi. On the way Sumit told everything to Aakash. They both discussed over the matter and came with best possible way of resolving the problem Sumit had created.

Everyone else packed their luggage’s and started the journey back. Things were definitely not the same as they had started or supposed to be. Aakash and Anwesha were planning on their wedding date. Sumit had his own different plans. It was all starting a new journey.

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2 thoughts on “Forty Seven: The New Journey

  1. Whew the wedding went well..Mohit & Purvi safely married & on their honeymoon trip!
    Akash an Anwesha making plans for their marriage….
    I am glad Sumit has talked ot Akash & they have figured things out.
    Such good friends….
    This is a great story….

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