Winding Up 2017


It was for the first time I had Resolutions in 2017 and it sure did not suck. May be for the reason that they were not actually resolutions, instead were a plan of action. Yes, I did not meet them all, but, Satisfactory? Hell yeah! Here is quick summary post of the list and yes, all this along with professionally tied works!


1. The More Bucket:

1.1 General Blog posts:
The plan was to have 120 blog posts and ended up with 149 (including this). I know you all agree that blogging is definitely fun!

1.2 Reading Novels:
The plan was to stop at 12 and could not. It went to 20. The Year in Goodreads sums it all. Touched a lot of classics and definitely made my year.


2. The Equal Bucket:

2.1 Technical Blog Posts:
120 was the goal and 120 it is! Questioning the quality of posts, I agree they were not to the expectation and got to improve.  They will in 2018.


3. The Less Bucket:

3.1 Reading Research Papers:
The plan was 120 and I could go till 86. I still consider that as a good number but 120 should have not been difficult to achieve.

3.2 Coursera Courses:
Was supposed to complete 10 but the model changed and most of the courses were no longer free. Now the model also has a subscription fee as well. I could only manage to complete 3 courses this year. However overall I have managed to complete 31 by far.

3.3 Writing Ebooks:
07 out of 12 were completed and 03 are work-in-progress. I missed on this one badly. 100 Haiku , See, Say, Market Recommendations , Poem Shop , A to Z – Poem for an Idiom , The Web Circular , The Void and Hashing are the published ones.


Others that made the Year memorable:

Apart from winning few prizes in the contests, getting a poem published in an anthology and teaching a class of super enthusiastic students, here are other things that kept me happy through the year:

  • Completing A to Z challenge in the month of April
  • Completing Two NaNo camps (April and July)
  • Working as a ML for NaNoWriMo India (November)
  • 4 version releases of my research work
  • My NaNoWriMo 2016 novel went through the first editorial review and I still have hopes of getting it published
  • Completing most of my technical text book
  • An hour long exercise everyday (with a break on sundays and when sick!)


It’s been an year which I am thankful about and to a lot of people as well! A year that has given me hopes that much better things can happen in 2018. I am going to set my goals high and better.


Kafka on the Shore – Book Review


Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami, Philip Gabriel (Translator).

Brilliant, Splendid, Glorious and every other word that describes the category. Wow! Just wow! All I question is, “How could some one put up something so beautiful?”

I ended up with a lot of questions. A lot to seek. A lot more than just a riddle. But that’s the beauty of it. I was taken away to the different world – I just sit and think, but mostly blank.

I guess this book surpasses every other book I have read so far and may never find an alternate equivalent!

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – Book Review


A magical piece from Mark Twain.

Tom Sawyer is a naughty kid. A happy go lucky kid. He is going to make a great grandfather having numerous adventurous stories of his own to tell his grand kids.

What a book! What a delight to read! Every page is entertaining. Captures the childhood days elegantly. The books ends wanting one to read more.


Carrie – Book Review

It was absurd for first 70 pages. Being a fan of Stephen King, I did not wanted to give up reading. As I progressed, it turned out to be magical and one of my favorites.


Carrie White is telekinetic. She has powers to lift things with her mind control. The thoughts of the book wondered in my mind for a week after completing it.

Anyone who is into mystery and thriller, this one is a must read!

On Writing – Book Review


‘On writing’ by Stephen King. If you love to write and looking to get better, this one is a must read. A gem. A must have, to all the aspiring and budding writers.

Part A of the book is his autobiography. The beauty of this part is that while we read about author’s biography, we read about his childhood and writing journey, we also read about admirable writing tips. It’s a hidden treasure of some wonderful writing tips.

Well, Part B, does its duty the best.

Note: This is a scheduled post. More Here.

The Forty Rules of Love – Review

I would like to start this post by thanking MM from the blog “Accidental Learning’s and other things” for recommending this Novel – “The Forty Rules of Love” by the Turkish author Elif Shafak.


This one was a pure bliss from page beginning to page end.  I could have easily read a hundred or two hundred more pages. There were some ‘plots’ or ‘decisions per say’ in the book which can call for a discussion but considering the message the book carries, they can easily be ignored.

A must read for all those who prefer to read love genre. This one will be in my favorites.

It talks deeply bout immensely needed element of life called – Love! One of the few books that I have finished reading in two days time ignoring all other works!

What A Month Can Do!


I am going to remember April of 2017 for numerous fabulous reasons. This month was special in its own way, in its own kind, spreading across my work of interests.

The month started with an announcement that said I had won a writing contest winning a book prize. In a week, the book: Mock, Stalk and Quarrel was delivered to home and I am going to read that this may. I did finish reading When Breath becomes Air in April.

The A to Z A to Z - LRchallenge.  It was ‘wow’. Had not expected the challenge would be this fun. This is the first time my blog had  28 posts published in one month.

All the A to Z prompts have been combined into an ebook which is a FREE download and can be found here: A to Z – Poem for an Idiom.

This month has also got me few interview options and guest blogging opportunities.

One of my poems got selected to be published in an Anthology run by Twin City Poets, Hyderabad. It was happiness to see the mail. Expecting the book to be out sometime soon and details of it are to be known yet.

My technical blog: PH Bytes had its 100th blog post. It was fun. I do write ten technical posts per month and writing 100th did feel good. My 100th post was a note on my research work that is being carried out for my PhD. The first implementation version of work was released and here are the details: Knit Engine Ver 0.1. The post gives an idea about work and release details. This did take a lot of effort and numerous sleepless nights.

Participated in Camp NaNoWriMo and completed novel editing work of 30 hours that I had scheduled.  Received the winner certificate and satisfaction, it is!


Those 30 hours were used in writing a concept note of my novel and editing of first four chapters. Those were submitted to a publisher and in five days I got back a reply that the plot is interesting and they would like to see full manuscript. This was happiness. Like literally jumping happiness. No matter what the future results are, would accept it gracefully and learn through the way. Have planned to submit full script by May 10.

As a surprise came reviews of my 3 ebooks by Swati . My gratitude for writing such beautiful reviews. Here they are:
PhD – the Messy Desk : Review
100 Haiku: Review
Run – The secret Destination: Review

April got me 42 ratings  and 8 text reviews on my Goodreads profile.

One of my best friends got married and we had a friend’s reunion. Most importantly, the month had a travel which I would find difficult to forget. It was the best three days ever. Like the best. Like the best ever! All of this along with regular routines of personal and professional things.

Thank you every one for all the support. I need to catch up with a lot of blogs and on it! May the ‘May’ keep the force!

The Martian – Review

Indian Bloggers


I had seen the movie in theater which was released in 2015. This Feb of 2017, when I read the novel, it was double the pleasure. Andy Weir who aspired to be an astronaut in his childhood, instead writes this novel and it is no less than a space travel.

The technical details are a celebration. Andy Weir has done a lot of research to present the details of the plot. Nothing is waived off from explanation while at need. After like twenty pages, the novel takes the reader to mars, stuck with Watney, figuring out ways to contact and reach back to Earth.

A brilliant sci-fi novel, I must say. There is right pinch of Humor. The plot is neat. The presentation sequence is perfect. There is elucidation of right things at right time. It ends perfectly with no drag. Everything is TO the point.

I started 2017 with ‘novel a month’. January I finished the classic – The Great Gatsby. February was a sci-fi. My hands are now waiting to grab something for March!

The Great Gatsby – Review

Indian Bloggers

I had decided to read one novel per month this year as referred in my post Reboot, Restart and Resume. Its 2017. For January I had picked the classic, “The Great Gatsby”. Here is what I take away from the Novel!


At times novels must be read to understand the heart and soul that author has put in, to bring those picture through words.  F. Scott Fitzgerald sets the plot with social history of America during 1920’s on the prosperous Long Islands. It’s the story which brings out the culture during the period and along with that goes the love story of Jay Gatsby.

For the Pleasure of Reading
For the first 50-60 pages of the book I was confused and wondering where the book was going.  Then later I could not drop it until I finished reading it. I got so much involved that I also saw the movie. Like said, the book is not just the plot. The writing style is very impressive and narration gives the warmth. The incidents reveal the truth at the right moment in time keeping the curiosity in the readers.

No wonder it is a classic and I feel, one should read such writings without having a thought of review/critique and only for the pleasure of reading. It is a book with many ‘Oh’ and ‘Wow’ moments. My gratitude and thanks to Rashmi from the blog Mind and Life Matters for suggesting this novel.

2014 in Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report. (Its a six months journey!)