Seven: Purvi, The Purvi

It’s the nick names which friends remember. At times they suit the people so much that even the real name completely goes out of picture and mind. But Purvi, was called as Purvi, for she was unique at many things. She was not much deeply concerned on how she looks. But where required, she used to clean up like there is no competitor. You can say just like Hermonie Granger did for Yule ball in ‘Goblet of Fire’.

She was a good coder and always at first to take up the challenges. She was someone, where you can easily rely on. She was from a middle class family and exactly knew on how to spend the money and how well to manage a month with what she had started earning. She was traditional at office and western at DJ. She was good at sports and drama only on stage. She had realistic perspective about life and very practical with her decisions.

Its generally not, you find one like Purvi at the age of 21. Say for once she had spilled water on office machine and to get it replaced she had to go to other office branch 20kms from current one. She did it on her own without any others help. But lately, it was little different.

The day since she met Sumit, who had joined the same team a week later of her joining, few things had changed in her life. Not the fact that she was talking to a guy but the factor of dependency. Earlier if needed to go somewhere, she used to google and now she had started calling Sumit. She always asked him or he always asked her for lunch/tea. They both used to have conversations all time and the level of comfort-ness increased with every talk.

That comfort-ness where you even start sharing non-veg messages on whatsapp!

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