Black and White – Haiku


This post is written for Challenge Number 73The task is to write a Haiku on the words Black and White.

black sky and white moon,
you and me on the sea shore,
life is colorful.

Syllables Per Line: 5 7 5


Away You Go


This story is written for Sunday Photo Fiction: 29 November 2015. The task is to write a short story of 200 words or less for the supplied photograph.


There were 5 tires. They were best friends. They were talking a walk on the beach. They always used to stick together. One of them was a little different. It always used to discuss with others the following questions:

What will happen to me when I wear out? Why should I be working so hard when I know how and where I will end up? Why should we clean ourselves every day? Why should we work every day? Why all this when we know our future which is so clear? Why do you all keep smiling all time? Why does God give us all so much pain?  Why can’t God keep me happy?

Just then, the sea god, listening to all this, came nearby and said, “I am sure I can’t keep you happy! But I can keep the other 4 happy by taking you away” and washed him away!

Well, This is not the end!

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Unknown Repeats


Well, Leelavati knew the task would work out exactly the way it was planned. Everything was made sure that everything else in the plan would lead to no supplementary superfluous consequences. It was for her vivid potential future which she had visualized for the upcoming days. Her husband who had fled saying he would be back with money had not returned yet, even after a year had passed by. She had no idea on where he was, what he was up to and would he ever consider returning back.  Her work at farms barely supported her two kids. She had twins, two little cute girls. Only right thing she sensed was finding a shortcut means, no matter where it leads but hands her with well off fortunes.

She sat in the middle of the woods, sipping a glass of lemon water and staring at the blue sky.  The blood stained knife lay next to her homemade handbag, covered with her blue woolen scarf. She had poured her faith on the ‘old magic guy’ who had said that offering baits to the goddess would bring back her fortune and all her desires would be satisfied. She herself had slaughtered her two goats at the early sunrise. It was those two goats which her two daughters had adopted as pets. They used to play with them and the goats had become like members of the family.

There was no looking back. She had killed them. She had realized the mistake she had done; by listening to someone whom once she knew was a person never to be trusted. Her husband was all against such not so worthy ideas. She even had offered him all the left over money to perform ‘Bali-Pooja’ as he had named and performed it. Now it was many hours past and there was no change. As she was told, she would find a treasure before the blood stains go dry on the knife.  She was wondering in the woods in search of treasure. It was almost six hours of search and she was growing very impatient. Her daughters saw the slaughtered goats and fainted. The little kids could not bear the fact that the goats were no more. She sprinkled water on the little faces and as they got back their consciousnesses they started yelling out loudly. Leelavati felt she was left with no other option. She thought of killing herself with the same knife and end up all this mess.

Sometimes, it’s just the inner gut feeling one gets to achieve and conquer. At a moment she had this feeling, “If I can give so much importance to the unholy thoughts and sacrifice the goats; why not trust her positive instincts”. She decided she will live. She will thrive. She decided she will not revenge on the person who asked her to do so as it was her mistake that she had trusted him. Instead use all her energy for betterment and she did.

She took the dead goats and sold the meat to the butcher. She got some money and wisely used it to buy some seeds for the farm. There were good rains luckily and monsoon was bright. Everything slowly turned to hope and just when they were being from a lower to middle class family, her husband returned and they were one of the rich families in the town.


Leela had a small family. It was in-fact small because they were not graced with kids yet. Though they were planning to grow the family from few years, the efforts seemed not to fulfill the desires. She had two pet dogs. Though she used to treat them as her children, the cry of not having one always haunted her. It was ten years of her married life and they had spent initial few years in building their career. Now, the worry of kids was bothering them and all the money they had earned to buy every needed little or large comforts of the life was not helping.

Leela, was growing anxious day by day and losing her control. It was also reflecting on her work. She had started firing her employees even for little mistakes done. She used to blame her husband for all the mistakes at home. She had the stronger intuitions that he was the reason for not having kids. That weekend they had a sturdy fight. She was in kitchen and the argument got stronger with time. In rage she pulled out the knife, drew it across his hand and eloped away from home. Her husband was screaming in pain. She neglected his cry and rushed out towards the city. She entered the coffee house.

She sat in the Starbucks cafe, sipping her coffee and staring out of the window. The blood stained knife lay next to her handbag, covered with her blue silk scarf. She saw a young couple next to her table. He proposed her with a ring, kneeling down and everyone around was supporting with claps. The event took her back to her days. It was the same place where she had met him for the first time. She was wearing the dress he had gifted her during their first anniversary. The blue scarf was her favorite gift from him. She had a meltdown. It was that one moment of thought she had realized how rude she was being. She dropped her coffee and rushed back her home immediately.

Her husband was first aiding himself. She cried out loud. She did not ask for sorry. She knew it was not worth asking for. She hugged him tight and kissed him. It was that moment where they drew themselves to bed and had the best sex ever. Nine months later she had twins. Two little girls and the family were complete. All the worries of life had drowned away. She had realized the courage to accept things and looking at brighter side will always help in cherishing one’s own life.



The technology had so much advanced that life was technology and technology was life. No one knew why humans had life. There was nothing called nature or natural. Machine was mans new best friend. It was the biggest unanswered question. There was no importance to money anymore. One always used to compare why humans are not like machines? Machines were so cool and different. Everyone wanted to be a machine. Leels was working on a technology where one could see the previous past. She was experimenting and her results seemed successful. May be it would be the key to all unanswered questions.

She was pregnant. Her husband was working in mars. Mars was not suitable to carry a child. Leels had to come back to earth to give birth to those children. Yes. She had twins. The technology was so much advanced that one could let the baby grow in the artificial stomach. She had transferred her fetus.  Mothers used to keep only till the stage of embryo. Later it was all the fact that the fetus grows to a full healthy baby and mother can see it all. She only had to stay nearby. There were processes where mother and fetus were connected though they are not really in stomach.  She used to do all possible things to kill time. Though she had two pet robots, they were not much of entertainment. The robots were family, boring like every other family member.

Leels was able to see her last two births through her research. To kill the time she used to imitate her previous birth actions. She had written down all in her digital diary and used to enact them. She had not revealed this research yet to the society.

Time passed and she gave birth to two twins, both girls. Both were the thread of her from the previous past. Leels had given birth to leelavati and Leela.  She being the inventor, of past-present phenomenon, did not want to reveal this to the world. She knew it was mentally attacking. She had intuitions that people would go wild to know they were better than machines back earlier and they wanted to make machines behave like human. All this had led to new world where now humans wanted to behave like machines.

Wait a second! Oh my god, she had given birth to herself of her previous past. She wanted both Leelavati and Leela to give birth to leels again. The only hope was to give a life back to the mankind. She had strong hopes that giving birth to her previous past can help in setting and settling the things back. She had hopes, the hopes which are most positive ones. She did not know how yet. Mess! It was a mess! She decided to imitate one of the actions which was common in her both of the previous births so that it would lead to something hopeful.

 She sat in the balcony, sipping her wine and staring from the 54th floor of the apartment. The blood stained knife lay next to her digital handbag, covered with her blue artificial clothing scarf.


Theory of Life

The title looks like a never ending proposal subject. The more on paper, more is the dispute and lot more remains unsaid. So it’s more of an “Open-Ended Theory”.  The beauty of time is that with ageing, life gives us a new theory which aptly fits for the moment.


I am sure the theory is not only earning money and making a living. It sure is not what I will be tomorrow. Life is not days and nights, emotions, eats and sleeps in between. There is more to it. Here are some such theories:

  • Wait, give time for everything, else it just gets busier
  • At the end of the day, it’s all about happiness
  • It’s all about give and take
  • It’s all about creating the way you want to see
  • Randomness at its best
  • The people around me
  • Above all, there is love

Do you have a definition for ‘theory of life?’.  I would be happy to read!