When You Do-Dont

I saw this beautiful painting done by Praful Managoli and felt to pen down some thoughts for it. Praful was kind enough to allow me to use this on my blog. Many thanks for the painting and providing this wonderful piece.


Painting by Praful Managoli

When you walk,
You make a lane,
When you don’t,
Bushes insane!

When you see,
Nature dynamite,
When you don’t,
Sky infinite!

When you believe,
Life lives,
When you don’t,
Life leaves!

When you love,
Alone clones,
When u don’t,
Messy cyclone!

Note: Praful is a software engineer by profession and no questions on his paintings!

Stamp – Spit? or Lick?

On a random day, I met a fool,
I stand there, see random rules.
Then I say,
That’s not, what was said,
That’s not, what was done,
That’s not, how it looks!
That’s not, how it happened.

I hear pointless laughs and mocks,
I feel like my own dirty socks,
Then I think,
And certainly understood,
For I opened my mouth,
I was the fool, on a random day!

Normal Isn’t A Thing!


Call it a pain,
Call it a bother,
Don’t do it the usual way,
Normal isn’t a thing.

The feel good of stand out,
Make it a little unusual,
With a little extra exertion,
Normal isn’t a thing.

Listener could jump away,
Or get lost in the crowd,
Unnoticed in the jumble,
Normal isn’t a thing.

A little divergent thinking,
A little more deliberation,
A little further dedication,
Normal, and still a thing!


The Way I See It!

Indian Bloggers

From this May I have started guest blogging on Racing Against Time, blog run by Jyotirmoy Sarkar. Thank you so much Jyotirmoy for this opportunity. This is fun.  The plan is to do two poems per month.

The first one was posted on May 14 titled: The Way I See It.

I am also sharing the poem here:

They said,
It is a chaos.
Crowded confusion,
Mixed variation,
Hurdles for solution,
Struggling resolutions.
But I see a,
Celebration of mess.

They said,
It is a struggle.
Smiles and cries,
Unsaid sacrifices,
Goals and more,
Never ending sea shore.
But I see a,
Celebration of Life.

He has an awesome blog out there. Do reach out!

Impatient Me

Indian Bloggers


There was no magic,
It was just a tragic,
Stumbled over a hurdle,
Then it there repeats,
Deep it then sinks,
Plans to overwrite my existence,
But hey,
I hate to see myself so,
Impatient me!

My roots have been shaken,
Body shattered,
My boots have been lost,
Legs falling apart,
But I will stand still,
Bury my roots again,
Stand like never before,
I don’t like lukewarm,
Impatient me!

Pathetic time was mine,
Body cries was nine,
Shivering over the nights,
Waiting for the bright,
My shoulders need me,
My will power calls me,
I am going to shine again,
Trust me,
I am Impatient!

Note: This poem is an extract from my work-in-progress novel where the character is looking for self motivation after a set of horrible life events. 

Yellow Press

Indian Bloggers


Its April of 2017 and Day 25 of A to Z Challenge. I am doing Idiom a day and 8 line poem for the idiom.

Idiom: Yellow Press

Meaning: a term for the popular and sensationalist newspapers

Breaking bad,
Is the breaking news,
Shockingly sad,
Is the media rules,
The aim was, may be,
A yellow Press.
But now is all,
A shitty yellow!

Note: All the challenge prompts can be found HERE.


Indian Bloggers


Its April of 2017 and Day 24 of A to Z Challenge. I am doing Idiom a day and 8 line poem for the idiom.

Idiom: X-rated

Meaning: x-rated are the ones not suitable for children

When you see a kid,
No matter where the mind is,
Life uncertainties,
Intellectual mess,
Filthy politics,
Blame game,
For them, are, X-rated.

Note: All the challenge prompts can be found HERE.

Walk a Mile in my Shoes

Indian Bloggers


Its April of 2017 and Day 23 of A to Z Challenge. I am doing Idiom a day and 8 line poem for the idiom.

Idiom: Walk a Mile in my Shoes

Meaning: understanding someone before criticizing them, before judging someone one must understand their experience, challenges, thought processes, etc

Thank you for the roast,
Others laughed.
Thank you for the mock,
Others smiled.
I am not serious of myself,
I am serious of what I do.
Walk a mile in my shoes,
Oops, sorry, they don’t fit you!

Note: All the challenge prompts can be found HERE.