Spooky and Night – Haiku

spooky was the night,
masked people and behavior,
spooky was the day.

Haiku written for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge No. 173. The prompt words given are: Spooky and Night.

Syllables per Line: 5 7 5


My, Mine, Song


I have a song,
My mind hymns it,
My heart dances it.

I don’t have a tune,
Which I can express,
But it’s there,
I can feel it,
I can label it.

The song of chaotic,
The song of breeze,
Like in rejoice,
Air breathes it.

That song, the one I have,
It is a song,
For its lyrics update,
Every single day,
The way I change.

That one song,
Which I am yet to tag,
World might name it,
The song of my life!


The Dream of Dreams

I see a dream,
With dreams in it.
I have a dream,
To live in it.

Dreams, they just are,
Dreams, they seem far,
They define, they describe,
They classify, they label.

The goal to reach,
Some strives and preach,
Those tear apart hours,
And the deep scars.

When dreams go real,
Life and fuel,
I would be then…
Truly real, truly me.

Also Blogged as guest post on Jyotirmoy’s Blog: Race Against Time

Soil to Mud

The particles that fly with air,
Sometimes seen, sometimes unseen,
The wonderers of the earth,
The tiny little earthlings.

Settle at random places,
Making new friends,
Finding new home,
Dust, as mostly called.

A light thing me,
A free flowing me,
A me, of some me,
A happy me.

Then came a transformer,
The form changer,
Water, parts of them,
And I turn to mud!