The Shades

The shades you see today,
Will fade too,
It was another yesterday.

The day you see today,
Like everyday,
Has same shade as yesterday.

I had a concept,
It has slipped amidst the cracks of,
Today and yesterday!



Moon, The Secret Keeper


Wishes and desires,
Just or unjust,
Born in the dark,
Crawl with a dance,
Demand the light.

I show my darkness,
Say they are true,
They are, in-fact,
I then,
Demand love.

I wait for answers,
And wait,
I guess,
It’s going to be forever!

Like light flies,
Everything’s dying,
Even when dying,
Still beautiful.

My dear secret keeper.

Zest from A to Z


Its April of 2018 and Day 26 of A to Z Challenge. I am doing ‘Emotion’ a day picked from the bag of life, with an 8 line poem and a thought.

Z is Zest.

The teacher and the learner,
The beauty and the beast,
The true and to-be-true,
The sow and the reap,
The lost and the won,
The days and the dreams,
For everyone, Zest,
Is a mandatory ingredient.