Nothing Present

If you see through
Close enough
Think through
Deep enough
Every present
Is nothing but past.

Living the present,
Is a challenge.
Per se,
Every moment,
That fleets
That glows
Is a challenge.

Challenge accepted!  

And sometimes, as the present becomes past, while thinking of past, I don’t know what really happens!


Pieces and Misfits

In everything I see,
I see an art
natural and god made
by invisible hands.

In every art
I see a piece of me
and I wish
for another piece
and if that was you!

Each of us have our own traits. I like how, though we are distinguishably apart and still connected, always try to find if we both fit inside the same piece of art! At least, I do. Our ideas are different but we still blend in together, a perfect piece.

Make A Way

I was asked to pen a four line poem for a painting today. I wont be able to share the painting but here are the lines I have.

Painting Description: There was a mermaid, in the deep below water, which is seen from back that gives a perspective that she was lost with hopes (in hopes). The play on colors was spot-on. A perfect blend of light and dark.

Lost and found is a pair
Lost in the woods
Found in the sky
Making way through everything else

My interpretation was: We could be lost in many spaces, but there is always a place we could be king/queen.

In Everything

In Everything,
The opinions we keep
The negligence we wrap
We make it a gift,
Share and spread.

In Everything,
The assumptions we make
The realities we mask
We believe our right,
Is the only right.

In Everything
What we don’t know
Is everything we know,
Is not everything
Not even a clue.  

Kindness is an art
Beyond everything
Amongst us
Seeking places,
In hearts and spaces.

You Never Know

There is a way out there, long ahead!

Your unusual, and struggle,
Is possibly someone’s comfort,
What you want to get away with,
Is something they are looking for.  

While you try to eavesdrop, magic,
The sounds of earth, to unveil,
The pity eyes out there,
Is looking for a bread.

The connections are dropping
Down in the air
For the missing connects,
Are never spoken – lost in the woods.

Everyone on a seat,
Secretly cried,  
I will never know.
You never know.