Excellence – Haiku


an attitude, noblest search,
an act, a habit,
strive for better, excellence.

Syllables Per Line: 5 7 5


The Dream of Dreams

I see a dream,
With dreams in it.
I have a dream,
To live in it.

Dreams, they just are,
Dreams, they seem far,
They define, they describe,
They classify, they label.

The goal to reach,
Some strives and preach,
Those tear apart hours,
And the deep scars.

When dreams go real,
Life and fuel,
I would be then…
Truly real, truly me.

Also Blogged as guest post on Jyotirmoy’s Blog: Race Against Time

Soil to Mud

The particles that fly with air,
Sometimes seen, sometimes unseen,
The wonderers of the earth,
The tiny little earthlings.

Settle at random places,
Making new friends,
Finding new home,
Dust, as mostly called.

A light thing me,
A free flowing me,
A me, of some me,
A happy me.

Then came a transformer,
The form changer,
Water, parts of them,
And I turn to mud!

Dear Society!

This poem was guest blogged in Jyotirmoy’s Blog, Racing Against Time.


One has to study, because neighbour’s kid does,
One cannot dance, because no one near does!
The wealth, the class, the mass, that was,
The discussion of groups, of – such an ass!

While many dreams die, burst inside,
Fire within and chaos the internal,
No one hears the unheard howling cries,
But everyone hears the amplified factual lies!

When one has the competence, other gets to do,
When one cries with skills, other laughs in disability,
Once there is a gender, once there is an age,
Ask me not what stops, there is so much rage!

As the deceased diverges, Intellect shatters,
World looks hideous and the water cries,
Like a half carved statue, undefined shape,
One stands ugly, while the meaning cries.

One got slapped, other harassed,
Another was followed, someone was raped,
One got mocked, other made feel ugly,
Another was back-stabbed, someone was fired.

The cries of pain, heart with dark stains,
For all the things dared, the darkness itself scares.
The regrets are strong, never felt so wrong,
Did not know why, where life seems a lie.

Things never understood, never explained,
Hidden in the smiles are darkness and fear files,
Numerous masks, never no one to ask,
For it is ugly, taking darkness into the team.

Never saw the sunshine, or what it actually meant,
For only could rent, a deathbed just fine!
In the end, came all, looking at the fall,
Only words they sell, “Sleep Well!”

Note: This is a scheduled post. More Here.

When You Do-Dont

I saw this beautiful painting done by Praful Managoli and felt to pen down some thoughts for it. Praful was kind enough to allow me to use this on my blog. Many thanks for the painting and providing this wonderful piece.


Painting by Praful Managoli

When you walk,
You make a lane,
When you don’t,
Bushes insane!

When you see,
Nature dynamite,
When you don’t,
Sky infinite!

When you believe,
Life lives,
When you don’t,
Life leaves!

When you love,
Alone clones,
When u don’t,
Messy cyclone!

Note: Praful is a software engineer by profession and no questions on his paintings!

Stamp – Spit? or Lick?

On a random day, I met a fool,
I stand there, see random rules.
Then I say,
That’s not, what was said,
That’s not, what was done,
That’s not, how it looks!
That’s not, how it happened.

I hear pointless laughs and mocks,
I feel like my own dirty socks,
Then I think,
And certainly understood,
For I opened my mouth,
I was the fool, on a random day!

Normal Isn’t A Thing!


Call it a pain,
Call it a bother,
Don’t do it the usual way,
Normal isn’t a thing.

The feel good of stand out,
Make it a little unusual,
With a little extra exertion,
Normal isn’t a thing.

Listener could jump away,
Or get lost in the crowd,
Unnoticed in the jumble,
Normal isn’t a thing.

A little divergent thinking,
A little more deliberation,
A little further dedication,
Normal, and still a thing!