Twenty One: The Waterpark

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They had done with shopping and had three days left. They all decided to go to Krishnai Water Kingdom. They planned it and they were there.

They enjoyed every single ride. They spent almost two hours in rain dance. Purvi and Mohit were dancing together and so with Aakash and Anwesha. The only one to be looking around was Sumit. He was completely clueless on what was going around.


There were many rides in the park where two can experience together. Sumit felt like an alien. He used to take Mohit at times and Aakash at other times for such rides.


They enjoyed the water waves and all the rides in the park. In summary, they had fun worth updating “Best experience of life time”

They treated their tummy and headed back home. It was a happy day. The most important thing was to plan for the next day Saturday. Mumbai, it was. They got their booking done through “Neeta travels” for one day Mumbai trip.


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