Twenty: The Five

It may seem that story only has weekends. That’s because IT people go to office in the morning, work, work and work and return home back at night. There is no story there. So, everything that fits inside a week is “work”. Everything that fits inside a weekend is life, as you call it. That’s why; the first thing that is done on ever Monday is to wait for Friday!

It was a fun weekend. All the 05 met on Thursday early morning. Mohit had stayed in Purvi’s room itself. They all were at fort. Only soul who was little unhappy was Sumit. They explored each and every corner of the fort. Not to find a corner like the way you are thinking. They are decent people you see!


They never knew it was such a beauty. The fort which is just beside “swargate”, gave an unexpected sweetness. They sat a while. Had some gags and then moved to shopping.


Purvi got a few sarees with help of Anwesha and in meanwhile Aakash and Sumit helped Mohit. It was like visiting each and every shop of the market. Purvi even purchased a traditional Pune saree which had peacocks dancing on it as a memory. The violet colored one with nine peacocks. All along the shopping they were having wild gags like how they would prefer to dance at their wedding for the songs “Kombdi Palali” and “Mumbai Rickshaw-wala”. Meanwhile there was a possession going with the song “Dhagala lagli kala”. They joined and danced wild. There was no one to notice. Altogether they had massive fun.


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