Twenty Five: The Turn

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The day did not seem to be as per expectations. Especially for Sumit. Aakash and Anwesha were sitting together. Anwesha seemed to be sad and nervous. She was not ready to lift her head up. One could easily notice that something was not right. There was a silence. A long pause. Sumit walked to them, looked at Aakash and said,

“look, am sorry Aakash! I did not mean it.”

Aakash had red eyes. He got up, pushed Sumit away and walked out ferociously.


Sumit sat beside Anwesha. She started crying. Sumit was trying to talk to her but was not successful. He said,

“look, am sorry Anwesha! I did not mean it.

Anwesha got up and she wanted to leave. She wanted to say something before leaving but she uttered “Never mind, Never Mind” and walked away.
Purvi was standing around the corner. Sumit started moving towards Purvi. He was not able to walk. He felt like someone down was holding back his leg and pulling him down. He somehow walked at her and said,

“look, am sorry Purvi! I did not mean it.”

For which Purvi replied she would excuse him only if Mohit permits and if he is ready to accept everything that has happend.
Sumit was ready for anything and everything. Sumit approached to Mohit, who was at other corner and said him,

“look, am sorry Mohit! I did not mean it.”

Mohit turned his face around and ignored him completely.

Sumit was devastated. He got down on his knees and yelled loudly, “Am sorry, Am sorry” and next moment he was unconscious. Aakash ran towards Mohit and held his shirt collar.

fightMohit was about to hit aakash and Purvi suddenly stopped him. She nodded her head indicating no for the action. There was no loud argument and there was no violence but there was the “hatred energy” in the room. Sumit was down and remaining four where looking at each other with every feeling of ignore and hatred.

That’s it all!


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