Twenty Nine: The Strange Stranger

Sumit was staring at her constantly because he was not looking at her for the first time. He had seen her somewhere already. Don’t know where, but he was certain he had. Whenever he used to get down to see her from close or to notice her, she used to utter “kaminey” in light tone and look at him with angry red face.

Aakash and Anwesha were looking at Sumit with funny faces. Sumit called Anwesha near compartment door and said, “What Anwesha? help me a little. You know I have seen her somewhere. Isn’t she pretty? Sorry, Isn’t she hot?”

Anwesha was, “Isn’t It? me and Aakash were discussing the same. We felt we have seen her somewhere. Or in your terms I think we have seen a little less hot version of her somewhere. But we don’t know where!”

Sumit said, “Try to talk to her na… Help me a little. What kind of friend are you? In few hours we will reach Manali. Do something; please! ”

Anwesha agreed after Sumit convinced her lot many times. Anwesha went near her and she suddenly turned to Anwesha and said “Excuse me! I know you have come for your friend. He is staring at me since hours. I better warn you and your friend to be in your limits”

Anwesha could not take it and more over she was not the one to be quite. She shouted back, “Idiot! What do you think of yourself? Some angel? You total crap! Speak some sense! How do you even think so?”

The conversation went a while and finally Sumit and Aakash had to say sorry and settle things down. The remaining journey was full of “I hate you” looks. Sumit was blaming his fortune. Though it started the way he had expected, it did not end the way it was supposed to be.

Stranger was now looking horribly bad. Anwesha was flaming hot with smokes of “I will kill you”. Aakash was talking to Anwesha to calm her down. Sumit as usual, like every time did not know what to do!

They reached Manali in few hours. They got down from railway station. They had to travel a few kilometers to reach Mohit’s home. They hired an auto and made some promises on the way that they would forget the train incident and enjoy the marriage occasion to full extent. As they reached the venue, they had many surprises. Purvi and her family had already come to Mohit’s place. It looked like a preparation of one big world event. As they started walking inside, Purvi and Mohit came out to welcome.

Bigger and unexpected surprise was the ‘train stranger’ was also walking towards them along with Mohit and Purvi!

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