Twenty Four: The Dreams

Mohit explained all his plans. He said all the arrangement would be made for them from a week prior to marriage along with other friends who were coming. They all agreed to plan. Meanwhile Aakash opened the invitation and started reading. He suddenly stopped and shouted,


Anwesha questioned back, “Manali??”

Sumit was like, “Manali What??”

Aakash replied, “marriage is in Manali”. Mohit answered, “Yes. My hometown. I have checked out everything It’s around 2000kms and 32 hours journey. In fact I have left a plan as well as tickets in the other envelope. You all will have to take leave for 7 days. Purvi had demanded me to do that before I came here. She told me you were friends for life time and I witnessed it in these three days. ” Though there were many questions finally everyone agreed.

Sumit then asked, “Purvi always used to speak about opening your own theatre of arts. Have you made any plans?”. Mohit interrupted, “Yes, we want to start within a year after marriage. Am going to call it as Purvi’s”. We are going to train in dance and drama in the beginning.


It was exciting to listen. Aakash said, “Why don’t you start now, by training us?”. There was all kind of conversation of what and what not. Finally they decided to do a scene. The plan was to act a scene. They called it a “Turn”. The plot was Sumit is going to beg all and ask sorry. None of them are going to accept it. He is then going to act unconscious. That’s where the scene ends. That’s it all. Mohit and Purvi trained them with few basic suggestions. They all decided to act.

The act is in next episode!


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