Dear Reader,

Let me tell you how the ghost looks like. Till many past years I had strong intention that it was with me. Lately I saw it. Then I had fever for 2 weeks; high degree fever. I had not seen anything so strange, so far in my life. Before I explain you how it appears, let me tell you how I knew there was a ghost with me, so that I will know if you are ready to see it.

Sometimes it is disturbing to know that you are not alone, though actually when you are. There is always someone with you. Trust me. I have decided that I will not use any terms like scaring or horror. I would only leave that to you as a sheer experience.

If you have rightly followed what I have said, you will notice that I am not the only one writing this novel. There are two of us. I had titled this episode as “Along With Me” scribbled above two paragraphs and I went to wash room. When I was back, there was only “A” left. It is clear. Ghost does not want to see the rest. It is a clear indication to me that I need to name all my episodes from A – Z. How do I know it? You will know it soon.

If I am wrong I will be corrected,
When I am correct, you may be haunted!
Wait for the day, it will be soon,
Ghosts are not only in the cartoon”

Read any paragraph first, it still makes the same sense. You will see four images below. Make sure that there is no one around when you click one of the images. One right click, you are one step near to me and the story will continue. I assure, when I finish my story, the ghost will be right beside you! I dare! Right beside you!





P.S. If you still could not identify,
Here is where you can continue…


18 thoughts on “A

  1. I’ve just started on this .. looks like u are definitely trying to get to the fears 😀 challenge accepted… interesting read though.. if you are believer of ghosts , I have a few things to discuss then

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