Blogging 201

Blogging 201

After completing Blogging 101, i could not resist registering myself to the second part. It is already fun from day one. I will link all my assignments to this page.


Assignment 01: Set Three Goals
The idea is to write down three concrete goals i want to achieve. To be more specific, short term goals.

  • I want to complete my novel “That’s How I Tell My Story” on short pebbles with 50 episodes by December 2015. (Published online – linked)
  • Follow 100 more blogs by end April 2015 and read / comment on at-least 100 posts.
  • Write 10 good poems of different kinds by April 2015


Assignment 02: Audit Your Brand
The tasks is to assess the blog, top to bottom to figure out what’s inconsistent or unhelpful — and start to fix it. This seems to be a continuous process. Am on board all time!


Assignment 03: Get Reads all Over
The tasks is to verify if the site is mobile-friendly and familiarizing with the features of responsive design. I always use my laptop to post and most of the times my mobile to read and verify them. I sure do check for mobile friendliness. Have explored all the features of my theme ‘motif’ and even the responsiveness.


Assignment 04: Creating Editorial calendar
I went through my blog statistics and apparently, my novel and its episodes has highest number of hits. I decided to write a short story. However to reach more visitors i decided to tag it with some other challenge.
I did work on short story from indiSpire short story challenge. Here is what my work has produced: The Unfriendly Time 


Assignment 05: Making Most of Archives
I have widgets for top stories and recent posts. I have also tagged my personal favorites posts in About page. However i would like to tag one of my personal favorite post here.
Here it goes: Midst Every not a Thing


Assignment 06: Dig Deep into Social Network
I have connected my blog to Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook, am not very sure of connecting to Facebook yet. And i really dont have plans for how i will use them for next 30 days. Following related handles on twitter is the so far plan!


Assignment 07: Making the Most of Events
With my schedule currently it is a little difficult to host an event. However to do one for short time is definitely in TO-DO list. I decided to participate in one instead. Here is my submission for Monday’s Finish the Story Challenge: The Depth of Fools Lake.


Assignment 08: Making Blog a Hub
The task is to create a page or section on blog to display links to online presence elsewhere, and making sure that other presences reflect the brand being developed on he blog.
This is a real food for thought. I had never explored this dimension prior. I hope am going to explore this with time.


Assignment 09: The Buddy System
Yayy! I have convinced my friend to start a blog and she will start soon. We are planning for few posts together and a new blog. Am excited!


Assignment 10: Adding a Poll / Survey
I added a Contact me / Feedback / Poll to my Blog. HERE it is! Have also added a Poll to my online novel.


This completes the BLOGGING 201 Course. Thanks a lot to the Team. 🙂 .

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7 thoughts on “Blogging 201

  1. I’ve been crazy busy this week and have barely dug in to the assignments! You are so on top of them….
    well, life happens. Got to stick with the highest priority, but it’s helpful to read and at least think about the ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ditto.. I had a hectic week as well. I made up to my assignments over weekend and happens the same almost every week.

      sometimes i read the questions and scribble here and there. and then put them together at free time. 🙂

      and agree, reading directions the insights. Thank you so much! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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