Thirty Eight: Food Fiesta

Everyone was up and ready by morning 8.00. It was the day to treat self and others exhibiting the cooking skills. The climate blew chilled wind. Everyone was packed with warm clothes. Both the families were ready to cook and were hyper excited to win the game. Sumit was all geared up to be the judge. Aakash and Anwesha had taken oath to Purvi that they would win. Poorna was still standing apart clueless on what she would do or was supposed to do.

Mohit’s father announced the rules.

  • The cooking hall had every possible ingredient decked up
  • From each family 25 members can cook
  • The judgment will be based on number of items as well on the taste
  • The time would be 3 hours
  • Both family needs to cook for 500 people
  • The competition begins at 9.00

There was an hour remaining to plan and decide. Both the families teamed up with 25 and began with the plan. Mohits’ family decided to cook as many items as possible. Purvi’s famly decided to cook with best taste and worry least about number of dishes prepared. Sumit and Poorna were both taken to different room. They were not made known on what is being cooked at each end.

Mohit’s family decided to cook the traditional dish “Dham ”. It is usually cooked during wedding ceremonies. It often includes rice, sweetened rice, curry, curd and other things.

They also decided to use red rice which is locally grown.

Purvi’s family decided to go with delicious masala omelette. As they were not very much aware of traditional manali dishes, they decided to go for north Indian dishes and as well cook momo’s.

The music was on with loud beats and both the families enjoyed cooking.  The three hours time limit passed at rocket speed. As the zeroth hour approached, dishes were arranged on the table and Sumit and Poorna were called to decide on which dishes were cooked the best. Purvi was signaling Poorna on which dishes to select. Poorna grabbed a spoon and she started tasting the dishes. She was way too hungry and irritated sitting idle in the room and looking at Sumit. She tasted all and said, “It’s time for results!”

Sumit interrupted and said, “I have an idea! We have lot of food cooked here. Let’s go to charity or some organization and feed the hunger and needy! Let them decide.” Mohit’s father was impressed. He said, “Son, That’s brave. Let’s do it.”

Bus was called and all food was packed in. All the family members carried the food to an old and children care center. They all together served the food. There were even physically disabled kids. Mohit and Purvi took the opportunity to feed them. They took the small kids in their arms and spoon fed them. Everyone was busy treating others and looking them smile. People at center thanked them for the good food. Everyone was so happy that they forgot it was competition and while on the return journey they were all thanking Sumit for the idea. It turned to be super overwhelming.  All through the journey, Poorna was looking at Sumit with crooked eyes trying to say something!

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2 thoughts on “Thirty Eight: Food Fiesta

  1. I think I am falling in love with Sumit!!! He is a wonderful caring & compassionate man!!!
    I loved his idea & how the families went willingly; such generous spirit!
    Prakash this story has me gripped!

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