2. What is it to be Old?

I just need to slow down a bit,

Now and then I need to sit.

For heavy physical work my body isn’t fit,

Older I am, my protocols aren’t strict.


What is it to be old

At every corner of the collage there is an embedded image which talks about what it is being old. Being old means that the sand glass is going to complete in a little while and our continuation is soon going to be just reminiscence. Being old is completing the various phases of our life cycle productively and being a fortune of familiarity. Being old is growing from a sapling to a fully fledged tree.

The center image, the two chairs are the metaphors of how actually being old feels and being old looks. As the years pass we gain from each crook of life. Be it friends, family, foe, nature or any other event allied to us, life teaches us one thing or the other. Being old is the expression that,


“Look, I am now enriched with so many potentials. I know to tackle and handle everything that is encountered. The long journey has given me the unlimited prospective. But look at me! I don’t seem the way I am. The time spent in gathering the wisdom has drained me from outside. Physically, mentally, biologically and socially.”

But it is significant that we always take the old age phase positively and be proud of the life we have spent. That is what the collage in totality is. It’s just like the beach with a never ending view.


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27 thoughts on “2. What is it to be Old?

  1. *fighting back tears*
    Prakash this I one of the best pieces you have written. As a woman of almost 60 I am seeing myself change…I AM getting older….sometimes I am afraid! Reading this reminds me I can live in a good way * I DO have the answers….Thank you my friend for your words!!!

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  2. It is rather odd getting older. My mind feels like 19 or 20 still. I still have lots of life in me. Even with the health issues. I see other women my age & they act so ‘old’ & I act nothing like that….lol…
    What a great ‘ride’ this is! 😉

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  3. Thank you Prakash! I believe I must keep feeding my spirit so that I remain ‘young at heart’ & ‘in mind’.
    I want to always be in touch with my feelings & to see the best of things! 😉
    I am either VERY persistent or VEY stubborn…..
    Or maybe some of both 😉

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  4. No one can understand ageing till one actually gets there.Now that I am old-in years,not in mind-I can understand how my parents felt and what they went through.This is not to belittle your post–it is great!

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  5. I saw myself and my husband in this writing. We are both over 60 and headed for the final stretch in our lives. we have had successes and failures both. We do not focus on the failures as they were needed to teach us a life lesson. For that reason alone we are happy with them. And our successes are looked on fondly for being able to help someone else. You do not realize just how short life really is while You are living it. it is when you slow down and look back towards the days you have had that you know how short it all is…..and each day becomes far more meaningful. Thanks for this post.

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    • I felt so good reading this comment. This piece that I have written on ageing has made me understand a lot of things coming in the form of comments.

      You sure are an inspiration. When you started IBMC, I had imagined someone over 30’s. When I read “Be a Baby Challenge”, I felt may be 50 odd. Well, Now I know! And it feels so good.

      I can totally understand the emotions. Thank you so much for this lovely thought!

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      • You are so welcome. I have to say I enjoyed your challenge more than any other I have completed since joining WP. And I am so glad to have “met” the people I have connected with due to that challenge and your blog. And knowing that I am sort of “ageless” is actually a huge compliment. Thank you.

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  6. When I turned 40 my Aunt said “That’s dreadful! Not that you are 40 but if you are 40 then I must be really old! ” She paused for a moment and then said :” But I don’t feel old.” She was then in her seventies. I am now in my late 60’s and I know just how she felt. I am older but I don’t feel old. Thanks for these interesting reflections on age and aging and the meaning of being “old”.

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  7. I was just hovering over your blog and found this. May be am too young to worry, but this is the only thing that scares me the most. Not that I am worried about my own aging (although I am too some extent), but the thing which bothers me the most is seeing people getting older around me (mostly my parents). It’s such a scary thought.

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