Thirty: Know the One

Sumit wanted to make sure that he was not the only one seeing it. He asked Anwesha and Aakash, “Do you see that train girl coming towards us along with Mohit and Purvi? Or am I the only one to see her everywhere? She has stick to us like a ghost!” Aakash and Anwesha both said together, “Yes, I do too! Why is she here?” She suddenly dropped down her face as they came near to each other. She had expressions just like a downside up hanging bat.

Purvi and Mohit were super excited to see them, just like when a kid looks at a teddy bear. They all hugged each other and conversed about journey and took their luggages and started moving towards home. It was a huge place, just like the one covered by Great Wall of China. It looked like a palace. Mohit’s home was in like the area of 1 acre. There was a home at center surrounded by garden all over. It was a hilly area with steeps at every other place, just like the craters on the moon. It certainly did look like as if they were entering some king’s palace.

Sumit, Aakash and Anwesha were looking at each other every now and then and then at the train girl. Just like when a prey looks at the predator during hunt. They were hardly concentrating on what Purvi was blabbering. The “Train Girl’ was not even ready to lift her face. She was just quite, just like the class with students of “finger on the lips”.

Mohit said, a few of my other friends are already here as well. There is room arranged for all of you in guest house. Every arrangement and facility is reachable. Today evening there is special cultural program arranged, the traditional dance of Manali. It starts at 7.00 in culture hall. You all can rest and be at hall on time. The hall is to the left of your rooms.

Sumit had his jaws down. Is it really a place or palace? You have a culture hall in your home? Really? Mohit went, it’s traditional. Both mom and dad have a lot inherited and they respect the culture here and may be the same runs down in my genes too. Aakash exclaimed, “Lucky you! We will be there on time!”

They were just about to depart and then suddenly Purvi introduced, “By the way, meet my younger sister, Poorna!”

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3 thoughts on “Thirty: Know the One

  1. I did NOT see that coming Prakash!! The ‘train girl’ is Purvi’s sister?????
    Oh this is going to be interesting!!!!
    I will take a break for tonite but I shall return in a day or two to read more of the love story!! Thank you Prakash for such a wonderful story.

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