Fifty: Acknowledgements

I really felt it essential to make it part of the novel. It feels great to have completed one Novel. Writing this has always been special. It was a great stress buster and I have enjoyed writing every part of it. Literally.

My sincere “thank you” to all who have read it. It has motivated me to write better and do better all the time. Thank you very much to every reader. Thank you for the awesome comments as well. Thank you for your kind support. Also thank you for liking the FACEBOOK PAGE.

My special thanks to my sister, Rajashree Hegde for designing all the posters for the novel. She has done a splendid work! Thanks to my family and my wife Vinuta.

Most of the images used and all the videos; of different places are my clicks. Remaining ones come from Google Image search engine.

Well, I won’t stop! I will be back with one more. I guess!



Finally, Today is the day, that will call you, a better tomorrow! #TodayCallsTomorrow

            –Prakash B. Hegade


33 thoughts on “Fifty: Acknowledgements

  1. Very nice Prakash…. always coming up with something new…..Loved every page and every poem u wrote…. looking forward for more ….Congratulations.:)

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  2. Sir enjoyed each and every page of the novel it is awesome sir thank you for such nice Novel and also the real twist of the novel Sumit as Amit is really amazing thought of you sir
    Congratulation Sir
    Waiting for the next one……

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  3. Superb presentation … The way u explained the situation to make us understand is really awesome … It’s really hard to make others understand our situation and our feelings but the way you explained the situation can make us understand the situation easily … Anna nin innond story salvagi wait maadta idno …

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  4. Great novel, fabulous writing…….. enjoyed every bit of it……. was always taken into it and felt like everything was literally happening around me……
    Truly fantastic… 🙂 😉

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  5. There REALLY was a ‘happy ending’!!! Oh this is lovely Prakash!
    thank you sir for taking the time to write your story & to put it on WP for everyone to read! Thank you to your Sister for her assistance & to your wife for her support & encouragement!!!
    This was a wonderful journey & I wish you only the best in your next project(s).
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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    • Thank you so much. So are a wonderful reader. Thank you for all the support. This means a lot of encouragement to a writer like me. Thank you for taking time. I will sure put my efforts to improve and do better. Thank you so much.. 🙂

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  6. You are most welcome! I really enjoyed reading your 1st novel & hope there will be many more. You are a solid & interesting writer & you capture emotions & moments so well.
    It was an honor to rad your story!!!!

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